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Fairmont set menu 1

Bab El Nil Restaurant set menu

Cold mezzes

Hummus, babaganouj, fattouch, tobouleh and labneh.

Hot mezzes

Mix samboussek platter - meat & cheese, chicken liver.

Main course

Shish tawouk Or Grilled kofta
Grilled items are served with Oriental rice and grilled vegetables


Om Ali Or Sliced fruits

Napa Grill Restaurant set menu

Romaine salad

grilled chicken, shaved red onion, cheddar cheese, orange supremes, focaccia croutons and citrus vinaigrette.


Lentil - red pepper soup

Cumin, Walnuts and goat cheese.

Fettuccini with prawns

Cherry tomatoes, spinach, grilled zucchini and sweet corn cream.


Napa grill signature char-grilled sirloin of U.S. Angus beef

Truffle macaroni with fontina cheese, grilled asparagus, soy caramel sauce and fried shallots.

Soft centered chocolate cake

Lavender marshmallows and apricot ice cream

Tea / Coffee

Saigon Restaurant set menu

Smoked salmon roll

With Vietnamese coriander

Green papaya salad

With dried beef and sweet basil

Hanoi beef fried spring roll

With chicken and prawns

Cod fish 'Cha ca La vong'

Marinated with Tumeric, galangal, fried and served over vermicelli citrus sauce.


Grilled beef tenderloin

With mushrooms and young pepper sauce

Exotic fruit salad and sorbet

In steamed coconut milk