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Line Management Services


Now you can get a second number on your existing line.

How it works:

  • Call #100# then select "My services" then "Second line"
  • You will receive a message with all the details within 24 hours.


All prepaid and Star customers


EGP 2.49 per month.

Did you know?

You can add up to 5 additional numbers at the same time to your existing line

The second line can only receive calls

No calls can be made from it

No SMS can be sent or received

If your SIM card was damaged or lost, you can replace it at any Orange shop or point of sale.

How to get it:

Requirements for SIM card replacement documentations:

  • Your personal ID
  • The line contract

Change ownership of your line

How to do it:

You should bring the following documents to an Orange shop:

Your personal ID and the line contract

The second party should bring their personal ID and another identification card

You can now have two SIM cards with the same dial number services.

Using this service, you can make and receive calls on both SIM cards.

Only one SIM should be active at a time. You must switch off one SIM card before switching on the other.

How to get it:

In Orange shops


Activation fee: 57.50 EGP ( tax Inclusive )

Monthly Subscription:

EGP 25

Separate between your business and your personal calls using two phone lines on the same SIM card. Enjoy greater convenience and control over calls you receive through:

  • Line price: EGP 50
  • Service is not available for newly activated lines
  • Free golden number for line two
  • Free voice mail service for each line
  • Adding free International and roaming services for line two

How to use the service:

  • After subscribing to Twin Line service, you will receive a new SIM card ready for the activation of the two lines
  • You also get a SIM Phonebook that can store up to 200 telephone numbers

Setting up your Call Divert:

Twin Line offers flexibility with the call diverting. You can use one of these options:

  • You can either divert calls to their associated voice mailboxes. For more call 707 for free
  • Divert the switched off line to the active one

On call divert, a fee (which is rated as a Orange to Orange rate) will be charged to your bill.

More information

Twin Line is a service offered as an addition to an existing postpaid line so you cannot combine two existing postpaid lines into a Twin Line.

A Twin Line cannot be separated into two lines. After adding the Twin Line service, it uses the first name in the phone book to differentiate between line 1 and line 2 so please do not use the first entry of your SIM Card as It acts as a line indicator and it will be reserved for either "Line 1" or "Line 2"

For more information on how to setup your Call Divert, check your handset user guide

The switch between the two lines is done automatically; you don't have to enter any PIN codes

Other ways:

  • My Orange App, from My profile section
  • Call 400 or 01222444400

    Choose “PUK code, language and other” from main menu where you will be requested to enter a password if you have one.

  • Dial #100#

    Choose “Account management” from main menu, then “Account information” where you will be requested to enter a password if you have one.

  • On SIM card holder

For help, call 110 for personal or 250 for business.