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Orange Privacy Policy

Orange Privacy Policy


Providing the best communication services in Egypt is our goal, and protecting your privacy is our priority!

To offer you features of My Orange, Orange cash, and UCtrl+ applications, send you personalized recommendations, and help improve our products and services, different apps will share certain information from your device within our company. This privacy statement supplement clarifies details about the information that is collected by the My Orange app and how it will be used. For further information about privacy, please see our main privacy policy.

What information does Orange collect from you?

When you use the basic features of My Orange, for example checking your billing details, viewing your data plans, and viewing information about how much data a particular app is consuming, this information about such interactions are recorded on our servers.

More Information about the quality and use of your connectivity services and apps:

Unless you have disabled the collection through the app settings, My Orange app will regularly send us information about the coverage, connectivity, data usage related to your connectivity services, the applications on your device, and your location. As well as information about your device.

How do we use this information?

In addition to using the data to the extent necessary to provide you with the services you've requested - for example to show you how much data an app consumes - we also use the data to help us improve our networks and services as well as to make personalized recommendations to you.

Helping us improve our networks, app experience, and services:

We analyze the collected information to diagnose connectivity, coverage, or connection quality problems, understand connectivity needs from the usage of mobile data, Wi-Fi, and apps, and use such insights to make improvements to our network and services. This may include, for example:

  • Improving the quality of the network, for example through a better understanding of the exact areas with low network performance or areas of high consumption of data - this helps us prioritize new site implementation and otherwise improve network performance.
  • Helping us deal with performance issues caused by poorly performing devices.
  • Improving our commercial models and offers based on an improved understanding of the patterns related to the use of apps and connection quality.
  • Improving the performance and design of My Orange by understanding which features of the app are popular and how those features perform on different types of devices.

Providing you with a Personalised app experience:

User Profile – To personalize your app experience with a photo and name of anyone on your account. The app requests this permission to show images and names from your contact book if their number appears as part of the subscriptions you can manage in the app. Photos Media and files – the app requests this permission to download your bill to the device.

Providing you with personalized assistance and recommendations:

We may use the collected information to help us provide more personalized marketing communications to you. We may, for example:

  • Recommend a new or a different bundle for you based on the way you use your connectivity services.
  • Personalise VeryMe Rewards.
  • Help you manage your data plans by showing you which apps consume more data.
  • Recommend upgrades to your device or promote accessories.

Note that: we may combine the collected information with other information we may hold about you. If you have chosen to provide us with information without being personally identified, all personal identifiers are removed in the app before sending such information to Orange Egypt - we then process the collected information anonymously. We do not intend to use the information to identify you or any other customer personally and we have appropriate technical and organizational measures in place to prevent that from happening.

What choices do you have to control the shared information with Orange?

The orange app allows you to control what information you are willing to share from your device. You may choose to

  • Disable the sending of personal information about the quality and use of your connectivity services, location, and apps.
  • Disable the sending of any information about the quality and use of your connectivity services, location, and apps.
  • Disable the sending of information about your use of My Orange.
  • Disable push notifications. Note: if you disable push notifications.


we may still send you marketing texts or emails, or conduct telemarketing if we have your permission to do so. You can get in touch with Customer Services through the contact us page on our site to opt out of all marketing communications or to opt out of marketing in one of several ways (such as email, text, phone, or post). Remember that turning off these preferences will impact the level of personalization we will be able to offer you.

How does Orange protect my data?

Orange Egypt takes technical and organizational security measures as required by law and by industry standards to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. We take steps to ensure that we only use your personal information as described in this privacy notice and to honor the choices that you have made. We only partner with service providers who contract to provide the same level of information security that you can expect from the Orange App.

For how long does Orange keep my data?

Detailed information about the quality and use of your connectivity services, location, and apps is kept no longer than 5 years after it has been collected. Orange App may retain aggregated and statistical reports that have been generated using the listed information for a longer period, but as these reports do not identify you as a user, they will not be used in a way that impacts your privacy. For information about other data retention with Orange, please refer to our general privacy policy. The service is offered by Orange Egypt, which is also the controller of your personal data. If you have any queries about any aspect of this privacy supplement. Or, If you have any questions about the handling or protection of your Personal Data and your rights under this online agreement please contact Orange by writing to

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