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Orange Cash E-Wallet: Easy & Secure Payments


The easiest, fastest, and most secure money transfer.

Get 2 GB for free when downloading Orange Cash app for the first time, even if your wallet is already active.

Orange wallet pays for EVERYTHING

  • Manage your Orange Cash wallet through #7115#
  • Orange Cash…there’s more
  • International Money Remittance Service
  • Orange Cash app
  • Orange Cash services for business
  • How to change my PIN before using Orange Cash wallet?

    A list where you can add the repeated contacts with that you regularly have transactions. By creating a list, you can directly choose the contact by name without memorizing the dial. You can add up to 10 contact dials to your list.

    • Dial #7115#
    • To manage your account, select 4

    To add a new number:

    • Dial #7115#
    • Select 4: My account
    • Select 3: Settings
    • Select 3: Manage the list
    • Enter your PIN
    • Select 1: Add dial
    • Enter the mobile number you want to add
    • Enter your name

    To remove a number:

    • Dial #7115#
    • Select 4:My account
    • Select 3: Settings
    • Select 3: Manage the list
    • Enter your PIN
    • Select 2: remove the dial
    • Choose the contact you want to remove from your list
    • Dial #7115#
    • Select 1: Money transfer.
    • Choose to transfer to a receiver from your list or for a non-listed recipient.
    • Enter the mobile number you want to transfer to (Example: 012xxxxxxxx)
    • Enter the amount you want to transfer. (Example: EGP 5)
    • Press 1 to confirm
    • Enter your PIN
    • After each successful transaction, both the sender and the receiver receive a confirmation SMS including their new balance.
    • Transfer fees:
    • The first transfer in the month for transactions up to EGP 2,000 is for free

      Transfer to Orange Cash wallets is EGP 1, and 0.5% to any other wallet with a maximum of EGP 15.

    • Visit any Orange shop or Fawry POS with your National ID and your SIM card.
    • Request a cash-out.
    • You will receive an SMS asking you to dial #7115# to complete the cash-out.
    • You will receive an SMS confirming the cash-out transaction and your new balance.
    • Cash-out fees: 1% of the amount with a minimum of EGP 3
    • Dial #7115#
    • Press 2: Credit recharge
    • Enter 1: My mobile
    • Choose the amount of recharge in Egyptian pounds
      press 1: EGP 2
      press 2: EGP 5
      press 3: EGP 10
      press 4: EGP 15
      press 5: EGP 25
      press 6: EGP 50
    • Select 1: Confirm
    • Enter your PIN
    • Select 3: Other mobile
    • Enter the 11 digits
    • Choose the amount of recharge in Egyptian pounds
      press 1: EGP 2
      press 2: EGP 5
      press 3: EGP 10
      press 4: EGP 15
      press 5: EGP 25
      press 6: EGP 50
    • Enter 1: Confirm
    • Enter your PIN
    • Dial #7115#
    • Press 3: for payments
    • Press 1: Mobile Bill
    • Select 1: Pay for your mobile
    • Select 2: for others
    • Select 1: Pay for listed dial
    • Select 2: Pay for unlisted dial
    • Enter your PIN
    • Enter an amount without fractions from EGP 5 to EGP 60,000
    • Enter the 11 digits
    • Enter your PIN

    Now you can donate to more than 40 charity organizations in Egypt through اورنچ كاش

    e.g. (Bahia Foundation , Misr El Kheir, 57357 Hospital, Food Bank, Magdi Yacoub Foundation, Cancer Institute 500500, Ommar El - Ard Foundation, and others.

  • Service is available in the following locations:

    • Cafe Supreme: Riverwalk Mall - Cairo Festival City - Almaza
    • Caribou Café: Lebanon St. Mohandseen - Concord Plaza Mall -City Stars Mall - Maadi City Center Mall - Alex. City Center Mall - Tivoli Dome-Mall of Egypt
    • Cilantro Café: Mosadak- Tahrir Sq-Baron- Maadi Old- Fairmont Heliopolis- Abaas EL Aqad -Palestine Square - Downtown Mal -Korba
    • Quick 24: El Rehab 1 -El Rehab 2 -City Stars - Americana Plaza 1 - Americana Plaza2 -Arkan Mall - Mall of Arabia - Dandy Mall- Zamalek- Dokki- Marriott
    • Tradeline: Sodic- mall of Arabia -Dandy mall-Mall of Egypt -Americana-Mohandeseen-Nile City-Zamalek-Concord-Point 90-Water Way-Madinaty-City Star-City Stars Service-Korba- City Center Almaza - Alex City Center -San Stefano-Port Said
    • Cinnabon: Cairo Festival City - El Rehab- Concord Plaza- - City Stars 2- City Lights- Sun City- El Merghany- Royal House-Maadi City Center- Metro Mokattam- Zamalek- Mohandseen- Mesadak- Hyper One- Al Guezira Plaza- - Mall of Arabia- Alex City Center-Tivoli Dom Boulevard-Madinaty-Arabella- Shereif St-Almaza City Center-Almaza Avinio- Point-90 – ’ Madinaty- Al Guezira Plaza- Green Plaza - El Mahrousa -Smoha - Elmansoura - Tanta Mall - El Orouba Mall Tanta - Port Said- - San Stefano
    • Circle K: All branches Except Salah Salem
    • Cairo: El Khaleefa El Mamoun Heliopolis – El Ahram St. Heliopolis
    • Giza: El Aresh St., Haram - El Mesaha St., Dokki - Thawra St., El Dokki. - Meshal Bakhoum St., El Dokki. – Wesa Wasf St., Gamaa bridge – El Mamlaeek Square, El Manial
    • 6 of October: Yasmine Mall
    • EL Shrouk: Panrorama Mall
    • Alex: Smouha – Zezenia - Loran -Roushdy –Alex west compound North Cost
    • Hurghada: Kawsar St. – Sheraton street
    • Mince Burger: City Center Almaza - Waterway - Cairo festival city - Madinaty - Capital Business Park - Mall of Egypt
    • MORI SUSHI: City stars - City Center Almaza – Waterway- Capital Promenade October –Designia Mall Alex - Mall of Egypt - Mivida New Cairo Maddi -Tivoli Dome
    • Tamara: City Stars - Cairo Festival – Water Way- Point 90 - Capital Business
    • Ted’s: City Stars - City Center Almaza - Mall of Egypt - Capital Business Park - Desiginia Mall - Miveda New Cairo - Waterway

    • Coming Soon :

    • Cafe Supreme: Rest of branches
    • Quick 24: Rest of branches
    • Cinnabon: Rest of branches
    • MORI SUSHI: Point 90
    • Tamara: Rest of branches
    • Ted’s: Rest of branches
    • Mince Burger: Point 90
    • Metro Market: All branches
    • Kheir Zaman: All branches

    What is Pension Service?

    A protocol is signed between the national authority for social insurance & Orange to avail pension service through Orange Cash.

    The objective is to avail pension to all beneficiaries directly in their Orange Cash wallet to be more secured in order to save their time & effort.

    There are two types of Customers

    Customers who will open an Orange Cash wallet:

    • Customers will visit Orange shop to fill the pension form including all details (National ID / Customer Name / / mobile number) & sign orange Cash contract.
    • Agent should give the customer the main form & after securing activating customer Orange Cash wallet registration.
    • Customer has to visit social insurance entity to start the process.

    Customers who already have an Orange Cash wallet

    • Customers will visit the shop to sign pension form that should include
      (National ID / Customer Name / pension number / mobile number & shop name or code) & OC Contract.
    • The national authority for social insurance & Meeza will match customer data & validate it then send electronic responses with the approved & rejected cases to inform the customer through an SMS from the orange side.
    • Visit any Orange shop with your National ID card and SIM card.
    • Inform the shop agent with the amount you want to cash-in and present your National ID.
    • You will receive an SMS showing the amount deposited, the new balance and the cash-in date.
    • You will get a receipt from the agent with all transactions details
    • You can transfer to any Orange customer who is not a subscriber.
    • You will receive an SMS informing you that the receiver is not subscribed to the service to be able to receive and cash out the amount; the receiver should subscribe within 7 days.
    • A transfer notification SMS will be sent to the receiver, to subscribe within 7 days.
    • Once the receiver subscribes, the transferred amount will be added to the receiver’s e-wallet.
    • In case the subscription did not take place within 7 days, the transferred amount will be added back to the sender’s e-wallet and a confirmation SMS will be sent.
    • Transfer fees:
    • The first transfer in the month for transactions up to EGP 2,000 is for free

      Transfer to Orange Cash wallets is EGP 1, and 0.5% to any other wallet with a maximum of EGP 15.

    • International Money Remittance Service is now available on Orange Cash Wallet!

      In addition, Win FREE units upon receiving the remittance

    • The minimum amount of the international transfer is (the equivalent in EGP of $ 2) and maximum value of the international transfer is (the equivalent of EGP 200,000)
    • The estimated time to receive any international transfer is in the same day in case of initiating the transfer before 13:30. Otherwise and/or during holidays, the transfer to be submitted in the next working day.
    • Receiving the international transfer on Orange cash wallet is free of charge
    • You can now receive your international money remittance on your Orange cash wallet, and this is available through NBE agencies around the world. To know more about NBE agencies please tab here
    • Now its allowed to receive your international transfer on your Orange cash wallet, and the amount will be added in EGP
    • For any inquiry or complaint please contact our customer care team on 7770

    IMR Customer Journey :

    Customers can now transfer money from any NBE partner agent outside of Egypt to any Orange Cash customer.


    1. Visit any NBE partner agent. Please visit this link to find the nearest NBE partner agent in every country.
    2. Customer to provide the details of Orange Cash Wallet owner (NID, full name, wallet number: 012xxxxxxxx) to the agent.
    3. Agent to choose Orange Cash Wallet as the receiver
    4. Orange Cash wallet will receive the money within 1-2 business days from the comfort of their home without the need to visit a branch.
  • No more cash, it’s time for Orange Cash!

    To download

  • Payment and collection services for enterprises from Orange give you full control of your enterprise cash management in an easy and secure process.

    You can pay or collect money in less time and from anywhere.

    You can pay your employees' salaries, payments to suppliers, or other payments. Also, collect from merchants or from your customers in a direct and quick way.

    To subscribe, call 7770 for more information.

    This service is provided by Orange in cooperation with the National BANK OF Egypt (NBE).

  • General Rules