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Religious Services

Religion services

  • Azan Service
  • Doaa Service
  • Pope's Sermons Service
  • Mazameer Service
  • 7171 Religious Service
  • Let them know its prayer time when they call you. Al Azan service alerts your friends that its Azan time and lets them listen to it when they call you during prayer times only.

    How it works?

    To Subscribe:
    Call 9999 for EGP 0.50 per minute and press 4
    Send 11 by SMS to 9999

    • Al Azan is valid for 30 days and is renewed automatically.
    • To unsubscribe call 9999 for EGP 0.50 per minute and press 4.


    All Prepaid and Postpaid customers.


    EGP 1 per month.

    Did you know?

    If you are already have a call tone and you subscribed, Al Azan will play instead of your call tone during its scheduled times.

  • The Doaa service from Orange, makes your friends listen to the Doaa when they call you during the Morning or evening only. And if you are already a Call tone subscriber the Doaa service will play instead of your call tone during its scheduled times.

    How it works?

    To Subscribe:
    Call 9999 for EGP 0.50 per minute and press 4
    Send 12 by SMS to 9999

    • Al Doaa is valid for 30 days and is renewed automatically.
    • To unsubscribe call 9999 for EGP 0.50 per minute and press 4.


    All Prepaid and Postpaid customers.


    EGP 1 per month.

  • The Pope's sermons service from Orange, makes your friends listen to the Pope sermons when they call you 2 times a day. And if you are already subscribed to a Call tone, the service will play instead of your call tone during its scheduled times.

    How it works?

    To Subscribe:
    Call 9999 for EGP 0.50 per minute and press 4
    Send 13 by SMS to 9999

    • Al Pope's sermons are valid for 30 days and is renewed automatically.
    • To unsubscribe call 9999 for EGP 0.50 per minute and press 4.


    All Prepaid and Postpaid customers.


    EGP 1 per month.

  • The Mazameer service from Orange, makes your friends listen to 5 Mazameer per day when they call you. And if you are already a Call tone subscriber the service will play instead of your call tone during its scheduled times.

    How it works?

    To Subscribe:
    Call 9999 for EGP 0.50 per minute and press 4
    Send 14 by SMS to 9999

    • The Mazameer service is valid for 30 days and is renewed automatically.
    • To unsubscribe call 9999 for EGP 0.50 per minute and press 4.


    All Prepaid and Postpaid customers.


    EGP 1 per month.

  • Terms and conditions of the interactive content services announced by Digital Vision and Orange - Egypt


    Religious Package is available only to Orange Clients through Digital Vision Telecom (The Organizer).

    The package introduces 2 benefits to the subscriber:

    • Receiving Valuable content (Prayer times, Islamic Tips and information, etc.).
    • Developing the subscriber religious knowledge during the contest duration with a chance to win a special prize (20,000 LE in cash).

    The subscriber pays 50 PT daily for the service, and gets:

    • Daily Islamic Tip or info.
    • Prayer Times.
    • 1 to 3 religious questions:
      • On daily basis, subscriber receives a religious question. If the subscriber answers the question he/she will receive the 2nd. If the subscriber answers the 2nd, he/she will get the 3rd.
      • Answering the question is optional and increases the chances to win.

    Service Duration

    Contest is active from 1st of September 2018 till 30th of September 2018

    Service Cost

    A client can subscribe for free for 3 days from the date of his/her first subscription to the service. After the trial period ends, the subscriber will be charged 50 PT/day.

    How to subscribe?

    • Orange Client can subscribe by sending a blank SMS to 7171 or by calling #7171# for free. Subscriber gets 3 days of free subscription on his first subscription attempt.
    • Subscriber then receives messages to welcome him/her and explain the service mechanism (how to play, the prize, how to unsubscribe, cost after the free trial…etc).
    • Subscriber also receives a legal message once upon his first subscription in the service, to explain how to view the terms & conditions.
    • Subscriber then starts interacting with the service as follows:
      • Subscriber receives 3 days trial period for his first subscription attempt to try the service.
      • Once subscribed, subscriber is gifted 100 points to welcome him/her to the service.
      • On daily basis, subscriber receives 100 points.
      • Subscriber receives daily content (Daily Islamic Tip or info) + (Daily prayer times).
      • Subscriber is granted 3 questions a day to answer
      • In case subscriber answers correctly, they get 100 point for each correct answer.
      • Subscriber gets 10 points for each wrong answer.

    Subscription mechanism

    An invitation to join Religious Package is sent to Orange customers to subscriber in the service for free for 3 days. If the user answers the invitation by sending SMS to 7171 or by dialing #7171# the client will be subscribed to the service, and would start receiving the content (Tips, prayers, or questions) for free. After the trial period ends, the users will start getting charged 50 PT daily (taxes included) as long as the service is active.

    • Basic Participation

      To participate in the contest, the user must subscribe in Religious Package. Thus, will get chances to participate in the draw (with 200 welcome points). Every day, subscriber gets 100 new points with the daily subscription renewal.

      Number of Points = chances to win (entries to the draw).

    • Extra Participation

      To increase the chances to win the prize, a subscriber receives up to 3 daily questions to answer for free. Each answer gives new chances to win the draw
      Wrong answer = 10 points
      Correct Answer = 100 points

    Who to win?

    Subscriber keeps collecting point during the contest duration. Each point is a chance to win.

    After the contest duration ends, and within 15 days, a draw to win the 20,000 LE takes place.

    Who can participate in the draw?

    • All the residents of Egypt who are above 18 years old;
    • Customers of Orange, both Prepaid and Postpaid.
    • Anyone who is an owner of a Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number (i.e. MSISDN) by Orange or is authorized user by the owner.

    The Promotion Prize is not eligible to the following:

    • All employees of Orange and its subsidiaries, their 1st degree relatives, and promo Organizer employees.
    • Customers in arrears with payments or suspended from the telephone service due to proven fraud
    • Customers in violation of the rules of operation of the company's own lines or the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority acts.
    • Business Lines shall be excluded from participating in the draw.


    The owner of the SIM card or an authorized person to use the SIM card shall be considered "The Subscriber", regardless of any other actual line user.

    Winner Selection Process

    Who can win?

    Each subscriber’s MSISDN will be recorded and registered in Organizer’s system from his/her first opt-in to the service. Based on this registration, subscribers will be eligible to participate in the Winner Selection Process only if they have participated in the Promotion according to the terms defined in section 5. If all the above conditions are met, together with the eligibility terms, the Participant is capable of entering in the Winner Selection Process using all the points that were earned until that date included.

    Mechanism Description for the Promotion Prize

    The Winner Selection Process, will take place in the Organizer’s offices, will be electronic based on a random algorithm and will be covered under Egypt’s law and regulations.

    With the completion of the Winner Selection Process, the Organizer will check the eligibility of the selected potential winner and five (5) Substitutes based on the conditions described in the participation rules.

    Within forty-eight (48) hours, from the date that the execution of the Winner Selection Process took place; the eligibility check process will be completed.

    As a result of this process, a list of one (1) Potential Winner (the Winning MSISDN if eligible or the first eligible Substitute) and subsequent eligible Substitutes will be created.

    Contacting the Winner

    The next step is the Organizer to contact the Potential Winners in strict accordance with laws and regulations. Based on this, the Organizer will make reasonable efforts to contact the Potential Winner at least three (3) times a day by calling the mobile phone number they used to subscribe in the service within three (3) business days of the relevant Prize Winner Selection Process execution. The phone calls may be placed at any time between 9.00 a.m. and 9.00 p.m.

    In this phone call the Potential Winner will be asked one random quiz question selected by the Operator. The Quiz question will be followed by two answers A and B from which the Potential Winner will have to select the correct one. In order for the Potential Winner to be eligible to receive his prize, he has to correctly answer the quiz question

    If after the period mentioned above, contact with the Potential Winner has not been made, the next Substitute will be considered as the new Potential Winner, and the process will be repeated.

    The Organizer has the right to extend the period needed to contact the Potential Winner, so as to ensure that the Prize is going to be delivered.


    For the approval of a Participant who is claiming to be the Winner and Potential Winners, a proof of identity will have to take place. On top of that, all the rules for the participation in the Promotion have to be checked again if they are fulfilled. As far as the Potential Winners, it is very important to mention, that they will have to provide in signed form a declaration stating clearly that the Terms and Conditions are fully accepted with the acceptance of the Prize.

    This declaration form will have to be submitted following the below two ways:

    Firstly, by visiting Orange Headquarters within five (5) business days after receiving the first contact from Organizer

    Secondly, the form can be returned again to Orange via mail, email or Fax within (5) business days of the date on the covering letter accompanying the form

    If the identity of a Potential Winner is on question, the authorized account holder of the Orange account associated with the entry mobile number will be considered to be the Potential Winner. The individual whose name is associated to the Orange account connected with the entry will be considered the authorized account holder. A Potential Winner may be required to provide proof of being the authorized account holder of the Orange account associated with the selected entry or authorized by the account holder to receive the prize. All entries must be submitted from a valid Orange account and the account must be ‘clear’ i.e. with no default payment.

    If one of the below conditions occur for a Potential winner:

    • Cannot be contacted within three (3) business days
    • Has not paid the outstanding debts to Orange
    • Is not compliant with the Terms and Conditions of the Promotion
    • Has not answered correctly the Quiz question
    • The Declaration form has not been returned within the specified time

    The Organizer has the right to select the next following Alternative as the new Potential winner.

    Once the Organizer receives the Declaration and provided there are no disputes about the Potential Winner’s identity, the Potential Winner is considered an Approved Winner, and his/her name will be published on the Promotion website, in order to guarantee credibility.

    The Prize delivery process will be communicated to the Approved Winner over the phone, and the corresponding Prize will be delivered to the location where the Organizer will determine where the Prize will be able to be collected at the end of the Promotion Period.

    After the Approved Winner collected his/her Prize, will be requested to sign a ‘Prize Receipt’ confirming the receipt of the Prize. In case the Approved winner declines the Prize, he/she will have to report this to the Organizer. In such case, the Prize will be awarded to the next substitute.

    If the winner and all Substitutes forfeit the prize, the prize is deemed unclaimed and remains at the disposal of the Organizer.

    Any expense which is not explicitly indicated as part of the prize, including but not limited to insurance, travel expenses, accommodation, license fees or taxes, are the responsibility of the winner.

    The Prizes

    The promotion has one prize for the contest duration From 1/09/2018 to 30/09/2018 20,000 LE

    The prize will be presented in cash to the winner in a form of a bank cheque from the Organizer.

    General Terms

    • If, for any reason, a subscriber decides to change his mobile phone number during the subscriber, the accumulated points cannot be transferred. Therefore, the subscriber will lose these points. The points cannot be transferred to the new number of the mobile phone owner. The points scored by the subscriber cannot also be transferred to other subscriber or any other person even if such person is eligible to take part in the Promotion.
    • This Promotion is organized under and governed by the laws and statues of Arab Republic of Egypt. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Egypt.
    • The subscriber warrants that there is no third party with exclusive rights over the display, publication, distribution, reproduction and / or placement in businesses of their image, name, voice and/or their details and/or the members of their family group. Accordingly, the subscriber shall hold the Organizer and/or its advertising agencies harmless against any claims of liability by any third party in relation to this disclosure.
    • If, over the duration of the Promotion, any subscriber no longer wishes to unsubscribe from the Service, such subscriber may send the keyword “STOP” to the Short Code 7171.
    • No alteration may have retrospective effects, whereby all subscribers registered up to the moment of the introduction of the alteration shall have equal rights. Each alteration, including the extension or reduction of the Promotion Period, shall be included in and form an integral part of these Terms and Conditions and shall be introduced through the addition of an annex, which shall be applicable from the date of its publication on the Service Website.
    • The Organizer will not be responsible for any action that the subscriber, winner or not, takes that is against accepted moral codes, norms of good behavior, public order and laws during his subscription or the receipt of the prize.
    • The subscriber acknowledges and agrees that participation in the Promotion is a personal choice, not causing any economic harm, whereby the subscriber forgoes any right to make a claim against the Organizer in respect of the Promotion, including but not limited to, any complaint of a possible reduction of assets.
    • The prizes listed above are not transferrable or redeemable in conjunction with any other Offer that Orange may introduce from time to time and cannot be redeemed for cash or other gifts
    • Under no circumstance or event will the Organizer be responsible or held liable for any damage caused by the Prize(s) to the Subscribers(s). The Organizer’s liability only encompasses giving away the Prizes to the Approved Winners and it does not include any obligations on account of physical and/or legal defects arising in the Prizes. Organizer bears no liability whatsoever to any Subscriber or other person that takes part in the Service or Promotion in violation of the applicable law, contractual obligations or provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
    • By subscribing (sending an MO message, or dialing the USSD code assigned to the service) , the subscriber expressly agree that personal data which they supply shall be processed by the Organizer for the purposes of executing the Promotion and also for the purpose of publicizing the Promotion and Communications; it is hereby specified that the Organizer guarantees that publicity, entailing the sharing with third parties of personal data supplied as a result of subscribing in the service, (including through television, the press, leaflets and any other means and formats of communication) shall be made only with respect to the winners of the Prizes and will only indicate the given names and surnames of the winners, the location of their place of residence, their image and voice (contained in photographic records, audio, video and other types of records, made with purposes of publicity connected to the Promotion). The winning Subscribers give, through their participation in the Promotion, express consent for the use of this data in formats herein defined.
    • The Organizer will not be responsible for the network problems that could give rise to delays in the reception of the SMS messages related to the Service or Promotion, either on the Subscriber’s equipment or on the SMS gateway that will process the messages.
    • In particular, the Organizer shall not be held liable as a result of technical failures and/or failures of the infrastructure of the communication and data network; and
    • The Organizer shall not be held liable as result of any failure of its system due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.
    • The Subscriber authorizes the Organizer to use data obtained through the interactivity experience, to create a database whose sole objective is to perform the classification or list of the
    • The Organizer reserves the right to alter, suspend or cancel this Service and/or Promotion and respective Terms and Conditions, without prior notice, with the new rules coming into force upon disclosure by publication on the Promotion Website.
    • In case subscription was terminated by the Service Delivery Platform (SDP), due to lack of service cost collection -for more than 90 days-, Subscription shall be terminated, and all previously collected points shall be expired and erased. In case the subscriber re-subscribes in the service, he/she shall be treated as a new subscriber.
    • The Organizer reserves the right to alter, suspend or cancel any Potential and/or approved winners of the Promotion, without granting the right to any Participant for remuneration and/or compensation.
    • In the event that any unforeseeable occurrence or force majeure makes it impossible to execute or continue the Promotion, the Organizer may, temporarily or permanently, halt the Promotion and enact other necessary amendments, which shall be notified to the general public through the Service Website without giving rise to any claim or right of Subscribers to remuneration and/or compensation.
    • The Organizer shall be responsible for publicizing the Promotion, which publicity may be through a range of publicity formats and in all media.
    • These Terms and Conditions will be published on the Service Website.
    • No claim in respect of any alteration of the present Terms and Conditions is enforceable against the Organizer following the moment at which this alteration becomes available for online consultation on the Promotion Website.
    • The present Terms and Conditions enter into force on 01/09/2018 and remain valid until amended or suspended by the Organizer. They may be freely consulted on the Service Website for the duration of the Promotion Period.