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Business Services


With U-Control have the flexibility to view and manage your account(s)/business lines easily without referring back to customer service.

With U-Control perform the below actions on any number in your account:


  • Migration actions are effective starting the next bill cycle
  • Service addition or deletion are activated in 30 min
  • Two notification e-mails will be sent with the requested actions status, one upon sending the request and the other upon finishing the request
  • SMS will be sent to the end users with the activated services

Advertising SMS allows customers to announce special offers, promotions or activities and send high volumes of SMS’s with the company’s name targeting mobile users according to rich criteria at specific time and location

You can choose the targeted segment of customers based on multiple criteria:

Criteria Description
Monthly Consumption 0 – 100 L.E 100L.E. – 200L.E. 200L.E. – 500L.E. 500L.E. – 1,000L.E. Above 1,000 L.E.
Home Cell Mohandseen - Zamalek- Masr El Gedida – Nasr City
Mobile Internet Users Log onto Websites using their Mobiles
Handset type I phone – Samsung – Nokia
Roaming Customer travelled abroad during last 6 months

>Advertising SMS Pricing:

No. of SMSs per campaign Rate/SMS
50,000 SMS 0.16
50,001- 100,000 SMS 0.14
100,000+ SMS 0.12

▪ All the above prices exclude taxes.

Promote your products and services with innovative way by sending promotion SMSs to your customers when being in certain locations , Location based advertising SMS service allows you to determine certain criteria to ensure effective results.

Location-based advertising Pricing:

No. of SMSs per campaign Rate/ SMS
50,000 SMS 0.40
100,000 SMS 0.35
250,000 SMS 0.30

▪ All the above prices exclude taxes.

Attract your customers with a catchy song or a creative audio advertisement to market your products, services, and offers. With the Business Call Tone, extend your company’s advertising campaigns and customize your employees’ Call Tones based on your company’s requirements. This service is activated easily through a web interface dedicated to managing Call Tones for any business line.

For more information please refer back to your company’s account manager..