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Orange 8000


Your personal guide Orange 8000: An enduring assistant for you around the clock and your go-to source for reliable and up-to-date information.

Don't waste your time searching for information to make things done. With Orange 8000 service, you can access the information you need 24 hours a day and all week through a full-service call center. Our dedicated representatives can clarify any immediate information and data via phone or SMS.

Additionally, the Orange 8000 service can send SMS messages or faxes on your behalf and provide exclusive offers.

Governmental service

Sick from the process of renewing your national ID or your driving license, call 8000 now


Only with Orange 8000, you will be always in touch with latest movies, call 8000 now.

The finest destinations and experiences

From dining in the best places to just enjoy the fresh breeze of a day out in Egypt, we’ve got you covered. Call 8000 to know the latest on where you would want to spot in Cairo town.

Travel & tourism

Egypt is the home of cultural antiquities in both ancient and modern history. With Orange 8000, our representatives will guide you to the best in class touristic places.

Shopping & Leisure

With a rise in today’s economic climate, we’ll tell you where to shop until you drop for the most reasonable prices. Call 8000 and don’t miss a deal.


From Lamborghini to Maserati to Fiat, we’ll get you in touch with the best car dealers across the country. Call 8000 to know more about our dealer’s contacts or book your car service appointment and more also we can get your car maintenance to your door step

Medical Field

To keep the body in a good health is a duty. And because we care, we also provide you contacts to hospitals, clinics, and health insurance companies. Get in touch with Orange 8000 to know all of that.


If you’re an entrepreneur or a tycoon in the business field, don’t hesitate to use what 8000 has to offer. Anything corporate related, Orange 8000 has all the information related to addresses.


All you need to know about contacts for schools or universities is just one call away. Call 8000 today.

Religious information

A country where religious culture intertwines, from ancient mosques to sacred churches - this is where you can see it all. With Orange 8000, you can know all about the where and what and when to see all of it.


Are you a sports junkie? Now you can follow and stay up to date when it comes to competitions, schedules, results, breaking news and games from all around the world.


All Prepaid and Postpaid customers


EGP 1.5 per minute

How to use Orange 8000?

Call 8000 from your mobile line(EGP 1.5 per minute)