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Travel Abroad

Whether you are Postpaid, prepaid or control use data roaming freely while travelling abroad with no worry about charges, just subscribe to the data roaming packages and enjoy the best rates and roaming experience.

Usage level Suitable Mobile Internet package Monthly subscription fees Inclusive MegaBytes/month
Light usage Monthly Light EGP 120 110MB
Medium usage Monthly Medium EGP 250 500 MB
Heavy usage Monthly Premium EGP 350 1 GB

For subscription:

Make sure to subscribe before traveling

To unsubscribe:

  • Star, control & prepaid call 110 to deactivate the Data roaming package or you can inform our customer service team with the return date to deactivate it when you are back.
  • Business customers call 250 or refer back to your Company's contact person.
  • Visit one of Orange shops.

Terms and conditions

Anti-Bill Shock

Now you can avoid unexpected data roaming charges. With this service, you can control your internet usage while roaming.

You can choose between:

Receiving notifications to find out the value of your usage when reaching 80% and 100% of the set limit.

Or Blocking the service upon reaching 100% of the set limit.

Your limit is 5 MB by default and you may increase it. You can modify your limit as many times as you want. Each modification can be with a minimum of 1 MB and a maximum of 1024 MB (1 GB) and without fractions.

Additional Information:

  • Subscription can be done before or while roaming.
  • Limit will expire on the bill cycle for postpaid customers and after 30 days for prepaid & control customers.

Checklist before traveling abroad

Ensure being subscribed to the roaming service. (for Star call 110 and for Business call 250) to ensure that Orange has a roaming agreement and also your mobile phone handset is supported on at least one network in the country you're traveling to.

Upon arriving at your destination​

Upon arrival switch on your mobile after which your mobile will detect one of the country's networks that to which you will be automatically logged on.

Things to remember while roaming

  • To call home or any other country, type the international access code and the country code along with the telephone number. You need to add +2 for all calls to Egypt.
    For example: +2 012-XXX XXXX for dialing an Orange number +2 02X-XXX XXXX for dialing a land line.
  • When roaming you pay for SMS sent and both making/receiving calls.
  • Orange Customer care number while roaming is +201223202020 (Free for Postpaid and call and control customers ,International call rate applies for Pre-paid customer)

Using your mobile while roaming

When you arrive at your destination, your mobile handset will automatically search for a network specified within your SIM card. There is also a manual selection mode so you may override the automatic selection.

Manual Selection is simple by following the Next Steps:

  • Select "Networks" from your phone's menu.
  • Choose "Network Selection".
  • Choose "Manual".
  • You will see a list of all operators available in the country.
  • Select one of these operators.
  • If registration fails, try to process again choosing a different operator.
  • Once a network is selected, your phone will display the network operator's name, e.g. Mobistar in Belgium.

Furthermore, as soon as you reach your destination country, you will receive an SMS from Orange giving you some customized essential information.

Anti - bill shock



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