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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a Postpaid Line?

  1. Talk and control your usage: you can enjoy unlimited calls and also you can control your calls.
  2. Star Giving you 5 families of buckets to match all customer's needs:
    1. Star Control: call and control your usage.
    2. Star Etkalem: you can call any operator and you can choose your favorite number.
    3. Star Smart Phone: enjoy your calls and stay online from your mobile.
    4. Star Online: Stay Online anywhere with all internet tool in your bucket.
    5. Star Global: Your door to a whole new world of services. In addition to a new mobile every year and to our array of mobile services, the global concierge service grants you access to the finest that life has to offer, including travel, dining, entertainment, sporting events, shopping and practical assistance.
  3. Best roaming rates around the world.
  4. Best network in Egypt as per NTRA permission.