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The best way to guarantee your fleet safety, and to track freights and vehicles of your company. All the time, and from anywhere.

With Metaba3 service, you can easily manage and track your company's fleets and vehicles remotely using GPS. Control shipping tracking, and monitor the efficiency of your transportation to improve productivity and reduce expenses. Metaba3 service is provided in cooperation with the Egyptian company for tracking and information technology (ETIT).

When your company uses Metaba3, you get the following features:

  • Immediate tracking and locating of your fleet or vehicles.
  • Monitor vehicle speed.
  • Extract reports such as maintenance schedules, fuel consumption, vehicle location, and speed history.
  • Analyze drivers' behaviors (Harsh braking, speed violations, seat belt status, etc.)
  • Set Geofences.
  • Send direct alerts in case of violations via SMS and/or email like: violating authorized working hours, Over-speed, theft or unauthorized operation, entering or exiting assigned geographical areas.

How Metaba3 service works?

The above features are accessible through a simple web interface, using single or multiple username and password depending on the size of the fleet.

For more information call 400 from any Orange line or +225789500 from any land line (from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm except Friday and Saturday) or refer back to Orange account manager.

To pre-order the service, please fill-in the below form and a representative from Orange will contact you.

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