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Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is a powerful technology allowing your machines to communicate with one another over GSM and fixed data networks. M2M communications add a competitive edge to your business, help you access valuable information, increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience and create new revenue streams.


is an automated communication method where different measurements such as temperature, fluids flow, pressure, humidity are taken from remote locations and transmitted to your company’s HQ. This technology is widely used by FMCGs and pharmaceutical companies, to maintain and control the temperature of their products.​

Smart Metering

is an innovative and advanced utility meter that records a business's energy consumption and usage. Data is collected remotely by the utility management centers providing more accurate monthly billing and energy savings.

Fleet Management

allows companies which rely on transportation in their businesses to control and track their fleet anytime anywhere which minimizes risks, improve efficiency, productivity and reduce overall costs.

It includes a variety of features; vehicle maintenance, driver management, fuel management, speed management and vehicle tracking.

Retail & POS

allows consumers to make real time card payments and transactions.


With Orange Surveillance Solutions securely monitor your workplace anytime and from anywhere.

Orange surveillance solutions offer several camera features which can be easily installed, allowing you to access your camera via the internet and view live shots of the desired location.

With Orange Surveillance Solution you can:

Access Control and Time Attendance

Helps you record employee working hours and set control access restrictions. Using this solution you can control and manage your employees’ access through finger prints or face detection.

Finger print benefits:

  • Manage and control employee attendance via finger prints
  • Accept all kinds of finger prints
  • High data capacity up to 2,000 finger prints and 50,000 records
  • Waterproof and scratch proof fingerprint sensor

Face pass benefits:

  • Manage and control employee attendance via face detection
  • Detect the face details in all conditions and angles ( eye glasses , skin color, scratches)
  • High data capacity up to 400 user and 100,000 records
  • Dual camera , LCD touch screen , group access control

Field Force Automation

is the remote management of the field force (sales and/or services) in real time. This involves the usage of special hardware -typically handheld devices, PDA's, tablets, laptops or mobile sets. Field information collected by field individuals is transmitted to the back offices (CRM, accounting systems) via GPRS/3G connectivity allowing better planning for delivery schedules, reduce inventory and monitor and control the field workers.

Digital Signage

Single or multiple digital screens located at the company's remote branches or outlets that display real time information broadcasted by a server located at the company's HQ. Information on digital screens could include video streaming, advertising material, currency rates or announcements that require frequent updating.

M2M individual buckets:

Name Included MB Monthly fees Extra Consumption
M2M 5 20 MB EGP 5 0.03 EGP / MB
M2M 10 400 MB EGP 10 0.03 EGP / MB
M2M 25 1.25 GB EGP 25 0.03 EGP / MB
M2M 50 2.5 GB EGP 50 0.03 EGP / MB
M2M 90 6 GB EGP 90 0.03 EGP / MB
M2M 150 11 GB EGP 150 0.03 EGP / MB
M2M 240 20 GB EGP 240 0.03 EGP / MB
M2M 450 40 GB EGP 450 0.03 EGP / MB

Data Shared Pool:

Bucket Monthly Fees Extra Consumption Lines Restriction
1 GB EGP 199 0.25 EGP/MB 70
5 GB EGP 999 0.25 EGP/MB 300
10 GB EGP 1,499 0.25 EGP/MB 800
20 GB EGP 2,399 0.25 EGP/MB 1,600
50 GB EGP 5,499 0.25 EGP/MB 4,000
100 GB EGP 8,999 0.25 EGP/MB 8,000
150 GB EGP 11,999 0.25 EGP/MB 10,000
300 GB EGP 22,000 0.25 EGP/MB 20,000

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