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My Orange

My Orange

1 Social GB upon downloading My orange for first time.

Get 15x your recharge amount units to be used as minutes, SMSs to Orange and MBs upon recharge with EGP 10 or more using scratch card or credit / debit card.

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The smartphone solution to fully control your line on the go.​

Easily follow up on your consumption and control your line through "My account" where you can:

  • Know your tariff name
  • “My Bill” for postpaid customers to check your last 3 issued bills and pay due amount or partially through scratch card, credit balance or credit card
  • “My credit” for prepaid and control customers to keep track of their main balance credit and to recharge through scratch card or credit card
  • “My Consumption” know your consumption from calls and SMSs
  • “My Internet” Monitor consumption and manage internet subscription:
    • Subscribe
    • Change package
    • Buy extension
    • Buy online extra packages
  • “Data Roaming” Monitor consumption and manage your data roaming bucket and your consumption limit
  • “My Special points” Know your Special points, available gifts and access to your membership card as a First Class customers
  • Transfer credit or use any of shokran services without memorizing the codes, all you need is to press “Get service”
  • Easy access to all Orange applications on stores all you need is to press “download”
  • Find Orange Store Express around you around you using GPS or by specific area
  • Find all information about Orange products, services and promotions

How to Download?

Select your store button from above and download

Supported OS versions:

  • Android 4.2 and above
  • iOS 9 and above (iPad supported as 2X)


​My Orange is a free app on stores.

Free usage:

​Using/surfing the application is for free locally and while roaming.

Charged usage:

You will be charged as per your internet subscription when you:

  • Download/ update from stores
  • Check Find store menu
  • Check Entertainment partners content
  • Play 4G YouTube tutorials