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Business SMS

My Office

Business SMS service allows you to send high volumes of SMS’s with your company’s name enabling you to connect with your customers, suppliers, employees and/or partners. Whether Advertising SMSs (scheduled campaigns) to announce special offers, promotions or activities Transactional SMSs (System notifications) such as bank transaction, salary posting, payment deadline, ticket bookings and reservation notifications this service will help you stay connected with your stakeholders at all times. With business SMS choose from different payment methods using any channel either Web, SIM based solutions or a short number to send your SMSs.

  • Pay as you Consume
  • Monthly bundles
  • This SIM based solution helps you send advertising SMS’s through a USB modem in a simple way.

  • Choose the bundle that suits you on a monthly basis and send advertising or transactional SMS’s freely. With the monthly bundle, you can consume the quota through three different channels; SIM based USB modem, a web page and short number.

For more information and to get the service, contact your contact person or Orange’s account manager.