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Orange short numbers & codes

Customer Service

Important numbers to contact us

Number Service
110 call us on 110 from your orange line, 16110 from any landline, or 012-2320-2110 from any mobile number. (For all Orange Customers)
2000 only for the first class customers. (Postpaid customers)
555 to request the first service to collect bills from your place. (For Postpaid customers)
250 to contact Orange business customer service. For new accounts, call us on 333, or +02-35362326 (09:00 am - 05:00 pm) for free.
400 To recharge and know your credit balance , inquire about your tariff and its features , tariff migration, internet packages subscription and other services (For all Orange Customers)

Important codes to use services

Code Service
#16# To know your credit balance and the due amount
#100# To know your credit balance, services, account management , internet packages subscription and to subscribe in Shokran services
#0# To know credit, renewal date, renewal, bucket extensions, tariff migration and manage tariff features
#175# to subscribe to El kber buckets and to know the remaining from the bucket.
#222# To Subscribe to GO internet packages and to know the remaining from the package dial #136#
#012# To subscribe to 012 daily offers