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International calling service via VoIP

Orange subscribers can make international calls with reduced rates for an approved country list and only during specific time periods via this service

Service is available to all Orange subscribers except for the regular postpaid who don't have the International calling service active.

How to use the service :

  1. Subscriber will dial the short number "101".
  2. Subscriber will be routed to an IVR in which he will hear instructions and then connected to his destination
    if :-
    • It is with the specified time period.
    • Within the declared list of International countries.

Country and service list:

  • USA & Canada (mobile and landlines).
  • Europe (landline networks only).


  • Every day from 11:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.
  • Calls outside this time period the subscriber will hear a message to call only during above mentioned times.

Service cost and price per minute:

  • Per minute rate is different than normal international rate.
  • Subscriber will start to be charged only when called party answered the calls, i.e. the IVR call will be free of charge.
  • For prepaid lines call will be charged as:
    EGP 1.04 /minute (Tax inclusive) + local PSTN call rate according to subscriber rate plan.
  • For standard (postpaid/corporate buckets) lines call will be charged as:
    EGP 0.90/minute (Tax inclusive) + local PSTN call rate according to subscriber rate plan.

Customer Service

  • IVR 300 will be dedicated to give full details about this new service it will be mentioned to call 300 for any further inquiries.
    Short access 231254 VoIP English.