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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be blocking my Internet service in case I consumed all my package inclusive megabytes?

No, the Mobile Internet service will not be blocked at all:

  • Customers on old Internet packages: the speed will be downgraded to 64 Kbps after the package is completely consumed, Afterwards, you will be redirected to a notification page that informs you that the speed has been downgraded and advice you on how to restore the original speed.
  • Customers on Online packages: After finishing the inclusive megabytes of your package, you have the flexibility to choose what happens next:
    • You can renew your package again with the same price, and same megabytes.
    • You can purchase a package extension of 1.25 GB for EGP 25​.
    • You can continue on the pay as you consume charging of EGP 0.25/ extra MB.

To renew the package or purchase a package extension, just follow same steps for subscription but choose "Renew & Extend".