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Orange U-Ctrl+ App

Managing your account is just a click away.

U-Ctrl+ mobile application provides you with the most efficient digital experience, as it gives you the luxury of managing all dials under the account online.

Easily follow up on your lines through "U-Ctrl+" where you can view:

  • Account details
  • Corporate bill
  • Eligibility for installments
  • Special points balance
  • View current balance of credit and minutes in I-Control accounts

You can also take actions through the application, such as:

  • Subscribing to new services
  • Activating and deactivating services
  • Migrating though tariffs
  • Managing internet packages
  • Voluntary suspension/ suspension release
  • Distributing I-Control minutes
  • “Select lines” can update their plan by using the calculator and it will automatically calculate the monthly fees
  • Send pre-identified texts

You can download U-Ctrl+ mobile application through the following links: