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Have the best 4G internet service at your workplace without a landline through Office 4G from Orange Business Internet.

To help you pursue your business uninterrupted, the internet packages of Office 4G work immediately after subscribing/delivering. No need to wait to install the service or connect to a landline.

Office 4G package Office 4G 120 Office 4G 170 Office 4G 250 Office 4G 400
Monthly fees EGP120 EGP170 EGP250 EGP400
Merged Inclusive GB's 40 GBs 70 GBs 140 GBs 240 GBs
Split Inclusive GB's All Day 20 GBs All Day 35 GBs All Day 70 GBs All Day 120 GBs
*Special time 20 GBs *Special time 35 GBs *Special time 70 GBs *Special time 120 GBs
Merged quota Monthly fees EGP25 EGP25 EGP60 EGP80

*Special time for split quota from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM

  • You can select from Merged Quota or Split Quota
  • Split Quota is divided into All Day and Special Time quota
  • Special time quota can be used from 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM, with maximum speed even if all day quota is completely consumed

A variety of extensions are available that suits your business needs

Office 4G Extensions:

Price Gigabytes
EGP30 5 GBs
EGP70 12 GBs
EGP120 30 GBs
  • To manage your package and extension and monitor your consumption by calling #100# or please Click Here (You have to be connected through the Office 4G Router to use this link)
  • The service will be locked to the first location it will be used in after purchase.
  • You can relocate 2 times per year to be a paid feature worth of EGP 40 starting from the service activation date by calling 250

More info:

  • The service only works with the Office 4G router that reaches a maximum 4G speed with coverage up to 200 square meters, and connects up to 32 devices at the same time.
  • Office 4G is available on postpaid & control plans

For more info please call 250 or refer to the contact person