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Customer Rights and Duties

What you need to know before visiting Orange Shops


  • Obtain a maximum number of 10 voice SIM cards and 5 internet SIM cards, with one National ID number.
  • Review the terms in full and get a certified copy of the contract.
  • Unsubscribe to any service without your prior consent.
  • Receive free-of-charge codes and numbers to access any service and offer details before subscription.
  • Shift to another operator with the same number within 24 hours and without extra charges (for mobile phone users)
  • Subscribe to the fixed internet service within 48 hours from the date of submitting the application, and the right to request its cancellation within 24 hours.
  • Open 3 e-wallets at maximum per each ID number and with 3 different SIM cards (for mobile phone users)


  • Obtain licensed telecom devices which should also be in conformity with standards.
  • Have your personal data safeguarded and your privacy protected.
  • Notify operators with any changes to your data registered upon subscription.
  • Dial emergency numbers for free (Fire Department, Civil Defense, Ambulance, Police)
  • Contact the operator’s customer service over 24 hours for queries and complaints.
  • Escalate complaints to NTRA’s Call Center over 24 hours, if failed to reach a satisfactory solution with the operator.
  • Cancel e-wallets when deactivating the SIM card or moving to another operator with the same number (for mobile phone users)


  • Get detailed monthly invoices including consumption cost and period. Additionally, you have the right to demand an e-invoice for free.
  • Access consumption details via operator’s e-channels (website, application).
  • Receive regular messages for free, with the consumption of contracted packages.
  • Get informed of the charging amount and any other dues deducted from your credit, via free SMS upon re-charging, if any.
  • Get informed of any financial deductions from your credit, for any reason, upon deduction.
  • Get notified with the service-deactivation one week prior at least, in case the operator’s dues are not paid.
  • Recover any remaining amounts in your e-wallet while being closed, if any (for mobile users)

Your Duties:

1. Abstain from dealing with unauthorized bodies that are not licensed to provide telecom services. The consumer should report to the concerned authorities on such bodies.

2. Report to NTRA any violation of law such as bypassing international calls or connecting an illegal sub-line, so as not to be penalized by law. Or connecting an illegal branch line.

3. Review the terms of the contract with the service provider carefully and keep a copy for reference if needed.

4. The necessity to inform the service provider about any changes that occurred to the Consumer data that he registered when contracting the service.

5. Abstain from violating the contractual stipulations or conditions of service provision.

6. Inform the service provider about the lost or stolen SIM card

7. Abstain from subscribe to any service or offer before knowing well about the terms and conditions related to it.

To check the full clauses of the mobile line contracts, please download the file .
To check the full clauses of the DSL internet contracts, please download the file .