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Garrab Free

What is جرّب فري Service?

Because your satisfaction matters most, Garrab Free Service from Orange will make you aware of any deducted balance, and you'll also be able to ask for a refund for all the undesired or wrongly subscribed services. Try it now!

Refundable Services

Entertainment services

  • Renewable entertainment services (not including all services)
  • Call Tone service
  • Premium services are not included

Service Eligibility

This service is available to all customers, except for post-paid customers, through Orange WhatsApp chatbot (link).

Terms of use

Refundable service subscriptions should be deducted from the credit balance.

  • Customers have a maximum of 3 requests per month.
  • The monthly refund limit is 15 LE per customer.
  • Customers can only get refunded for services they’ve subscribed to within the last 10 days.
  • Customers can unsubscribe from all active services but only get refunded within the monthly refund limit (EGP 15).

If you’re subscribed to a service that’s not available on the WhatsApp chatbot, please contact one of our customer care representatives through 110.

We aim to enhance our services to exceed your expectations and provide you with the best experience.