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Orange E-health

Orange partnered with Tabibi247 in cooperation with those hospitals to grant Orange customers a hassle free experience when it comes to matters regarding Covid-19 or any medical/health matter.

Tabibi is the first private primary healthcare practice in Egypt, offering a wide range of services for the whole family.

Now because you’re an Orange customer, in collaboration with (Hospitals) through Tabibbi247, you can benefit from:

  1. Tele-Consultation with Doctors for Corona & others through 8000 and on Tabibi website.
  2. Book your “Home Visits”, “Clinical Visits” & “Hospital booking”.

*Note that Hospital bookings are to be either through ERs or referrals from doctors

  • Golden Membership for all Orange customers 25% off on:
    • Tele-consultations
    • Clinical Visits
    • Home Visits