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Messaging Services


Send messages to any mobile and you will be briefed on the status of your message every time you use "Receipt Notification".

To check whether your message was received, pending or not delivered, add the following command prior to the text you send:
*NM# Insert the SMS you want to send here

You can send SMS to any number worldwide for the normal price of the international SMS.

Make sure that you specify the destination number in full as follows:
00 + country code + GSM code + mobile number.

To postpone the delivery of your message, example: for 5 hours, type the following before the message text:
*DEF 5#

Orange Postpaid and Business
Local: EGP 0.30/SMS
International: EGP 2/SMS.

Local: EGP 0.30/SMS
International: EGP 2/SMS

Local: EGP 0.29/SMS
International: EGP 2/SMS

Enjoy sending SMS's to all Orange numbers with the Unlimited SMS Bucket.

Send up to 1,000 SMS per month, Fair Usage Policy applies.

How to get it:

Call #117*1# or call customer service on 110.


Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) enables you to send and receive any of the following content:

  • Pictures and Backgrounds
  • Audio Files
  • Long Text Messages
  • E-mail

To get the MMS service please use an MMS enabled handset.


Price of the MMS is irrelevant to its size.

MMS Local International
Price EGP 0.95 EGP 7.00

Orange gives you the freedom to send, receive, or even store your faxes anytime, anywhere.

With a separate fax number on the same SIM card, you can connect your mobile to a portable PC and send and receive faxes, or do this directly using your communicator only.

You can use fax in Egypt and in most countries worldwide.

Fax-mail with any handset, you can receive your faxes in a fax-mailbox and then download them to any local fax machine at your convenience.

How to get it:

To subscribe to this service, call 110 from any mobile or land line