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Frequently Asked Questions

What computer hardware is needed to run a Home DSL connection?

In brief, at the very minimum you'll need...
A PC running Windows 95/98 or later (XP, Me, 2000) with an Ethernet card (NIC) and/or USB, 64 MB RAM and at least 150MB available hard drive space.

A Macintosh - Power PC, iMac or newer - running OS 8.5 or newer (OSX recommended!) with an Ethernet jack or USB port to add an external one, 64MB RAM minimum and 150MB minimum available hard drive space.
Other Operating Systems with a TCP/IP software stack should be able to connect but O​range​ cannot provide support for open source or free OSs and recommend you consult a user's group or web sites to learn more about setting up your Linux.Unix/OS2/Commodore 64 etc.

All customers will also need Internet Explorer or Netscape.