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SPECIAL For End Users

Employees will be enrolled automatically on the account level upon the activation of the dial in case the contact person chooses this option.

100 points will be automatically added to your points' account once you join or subscribe toSPECIAL.

You can also collect points for each Egyptian Pound spent when using any of Orange paid services, points are collected as per the figure below:


There are several methods to know your points balance:

You can choose to exchange your accumulated points through any of the below channels and points will be automatically deducted from your account:

  • If you choose to exchange your points for a gift from the below sheet, just choose your gift, call your customer service number to request it.

SPECIAL Catalogue Gifts

Vouchers at Orange Shops

SPECIAL Partners

If you decide to exchange your points with a gift voucher from any of SPECIAL program Partners, call your customer service number, specify the number of points you want to exchange and the Partner you wish to visit to exchange your voucher.

You will now collect points on SPECIAL for your Orange DSL bills!

Now, get double the benefit if you are one of our loyal customers subscribed at both Orange and Orange DSL. If you have Orange line and Orange DSL subscription you will be awarded points on Orange’s loyalty program, SPECIAL, for every Egyptian pound you pay towards your Orange DSL subscription.

How to collect points against your Orange DSL bills

Business customers' must be accumulating points on their lines in order to benefit from the offer.

What if I don't have Orange DSL subscription?

  1. Points Collection:
    • The points are awarded at a rate determined by Orange and according to Orange's set criteria.
    • Orange reserves the right to change terms and conditions of SPECIAL program without prior notice. It may also introduce supplementary rules relating to new program partners or promotions from time to time.
    • Orange reserves the right to change the monetary value of the points without any prior notice.
    • Free minutes and services that are offered in certain promotions do not earn points.
    • Points are valid for two years from the accumulation date. If the points are not redeemed before the two years, points will expire.
    • There is no ceiling for the number of earned points. You can accumulate as many points as possible.
    • Accumulation of points will stop in case of account suspension.
    • Accumulated points will expire in case of account de-activation.
    • You need to contact Orange to choose the level of accumulation of your dials, otherwise the accumulation will be based on Orange's default choice.
    • Orange reserves the right to change the number of accumulated points in your account, upon issuing reasonable notice to you.
  2. Redeeming points:
    • The gift can only be received by the owner of the line or by a delegated person, who in turn should provide a copy of his/her official ID upon receiving the gift.
    • The gift can only be received by the account's designated contact person or by a delegated person, who in turn should provide a copy of his/her official ID upon receiving the gift.
    • All gifts in the catalog are subject to availability.
    • Orange reserves the right to alter or withdraw any of the gift items without prior notice.
    • All gift items will include a warranty certificate from the supplier. In case of any required maintenance during the warranty period please refer directly to the supplier without the need to contact Orange.
    • In case of voucher redemption and if the gift's price exceeds the monetary value of the voucher, customers are free to pay the difference.
    • In case the monetary value of the voucher exceeds the price of the gift, customers cannot refund the difference.
    • Points cannot be redeemed in case of due bills.
  3. Program Termination:
    • Orange reserves the right to change all or some of the "Terms and Conditions" without any prior notice.
    • Orange reserves the right to terminate the SPECIAL program in whole or in part at any time, upon reasonable notice to the customers.

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