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Monday, September 20, 2021

For the 5th year in a row, Orange Egypt awarded the Fastest Mobile Data Network in Egypt by Ookla’s Speedtest App. And offers various offers to its customers by calling # 012 #

Orange Egypt has been awarded the fastest mobile data network in Egypt by Speedtest after achieving the highest download and upload online speeds. Thus, Orange maintained its market leadership in Egypt for the fifth consecutive year in the first and second quarters of this year. Meanwhile, the company marked the occasion by launching a variety of special offers for customers by dialing # 012 #.

Orange earned this award by achieving a Speed Score of 25.59, with an average download speed of 23.36 Mbps and an average upload speed of 11.30 Mbps, outperforming all other networks in the country during Q1 and Q2.

To reach this accurate result, Ookla® analyzed the results of over 863,000 tests conducted on the Speedtest® app on iOS and Android phones by users of all mobile operators in Egypt during the reported period (first and second quarters), revealing that Orange is Egypt's fastest mobile data network.

The Ookla® report highlighted the well-established position of Orange Egypt as the "king of speed" in mobile data and Internet services among all mobile networks. This leading position was also confirmed by the NTRA’s reports whose measurements and periodic reviews proved that Orange Egypt ranked first in data speed among all mobile networks for twenty consecutive months.

Orange Egypt has made significant progress in service quality and mobile data speed throughout the country as a result of its integrated strategy to improve data services and achieve an acceptable level of service, as well as its ongoing commitment to network maintenance and development. This was favorably reflected in the outcomes of various measures taken by several well-established and customer-trusted organizations.

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