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Company Profile

Orange Egypt for Telecommunications S.A.E (“Orange Egypt”):

Orange Egypt is an Egyptian joint stock company established under the Law No. 8 of 1997 "Investment Guarantees and Incentives Law and its executive regulations", was established on the 4th of March 1998.

The Company purpose:

The execution, management, operation, development and maintenance of a network Mobile GSM Telephones in cooperation with the Egyptian Telecommunication Agency, and after obtaining the approval of the Minister of Communication. The service shall cover subscribers in Egypt and abroad pursuant to the license obtained in this respect. The Company has the right to carry out all importation exportation activities related to its objectives and carry out whatever works are needed including networks etc…

Providing all kinds of engineering, training, administrative, production, marketing, consultation services (excluding legal consultation) and technical experience and technicians in all aspects especially in communication and information technology aspect in Egypt and abroad, and the Company may also carry out the following:

  • Design, supply, execution, operation, maintenance, management and providing the required services for internal and external communication centers and telephone centrals with all its types, accessories, applications, mobile network telephones, all information networks, data/ vocal/ vision and information centers
  • Design, production, supply and developing computers programs and its applications with its different types, and programs, operating systems, compact systems and electronic contents with its different types of voice, image, data and data entry on the computers with electronic means and constructing of data bases and information technology systems and its operation and training
  • Providing marketing, distribution, advertising services and also providing cultural, health, financial information for the subscribers of mobile telephones through the internet, short message service and voice mail (VRS, WAP), and establishing and organizing voice and vision conferences
  • Selling, distributing dials and subscriptions for mobile telephones, scratch cards, mobile handsets, its necessaries, accessories and its maintenance
  • Sell, distribute and deal in all kind of computers and laptops, their attachments, accessories, integral equipment, spare parts and conducting their necessary maintenance
  • Producing, manufacturing and selling magnetic, non-magnetic cards and all cards related to mobiles in addition to bills and printings productions
  • Establishing an audio, video and written information transfer network and offering value added services after obtaining a license from the concerned authorities according to the rules and regulations applied in Egypt

The Company may also carry out other projects or amend its activities within the framework of law 8 of 1997 on the Investment Guarantees and Incentives. The Company may also participate in other projects outside the scope of the law on Investment Guarantees and Incentives provided that such guarantees and incentives be granted to activities which fall within the scope of this law.

The Headquarter of the Company:

2005C Corniche El Nil, Nile City Towers, 32nd floor North Tower

Ramlet Boulaq, Cairo, Egypt

Postal Code: 11221

About the Company’s major shareholder (Orange):

Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with sales of 41 billion euros in 2018 and 151,000 employees worldwide at 31 December 2018, including 92,000 employees in France. The Group has a total customer base of 264 million customers worldwide at 31 December 2018, including 204 million mobile customers and 20 million fixed broadband customers. The Group is present in 27 countries. Orange is also a leading provider of global IT and telecommunication services to multinational companies, under the brand Orange Business Services. In March 2015, the Group presented its new strategic plan “Essentials2020” which places customer experience at the heart of its strategy with the aim of allowing them to benefit fully from the digital universe and the power of its new generation networks.

Orange and all other Orange products or services mentioned in this press release are trademarks owned by Orange or Orange Brand Services Limited.