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External Auditors

The principle role of the external auditors is to report that the financial accounts, produced by the directors for the shareholders, truly reflect the state of the Company finances. Clearly, these auditors need to be independent of the Company and its directors.

Our External Auditor is as follows:

KPMG Hazem Hassan:

KPMG has more than 1000 professionals including 40 partners and 500 managers covering Audit, Tax & Advisory in diversified areas of expertise, they can guide on a deliberate path from the early beginning towards desired results utilizing a problem solving approach. With their values and expertise, they can add value to the Company.

KPMG Hazem Hassan Core Services:​

  • Audit: Financial Statement Audit / Audit Related Services.
  • Tax: Tax Services / Investment Services.
  • Advisory: Deal Advisory / Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance Services (IARCS) / IT Advisory (ITA) / Financial Systems and Performance Development Services (FSPD) / Bookkeeping Services and Organization / Recruitment & Human Resources (ORHR).