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Shares' Dividends Details

Coupon No. Coupon Amount Due Date
Coupon No.(1)1.5 L.E4/4/2002
Coupon No.(2)0.7 L.E11/11/2002
Coupon No.(3)1.8 L.E27/3/2003
Coupon No.(4)4.88 L.E27/10/2003
Coupon No.(5)3.29 L.E22/3/2004
Coupon No.(6)3.39 L.E16/8/2004
Coupon No.(7)4.5 L.E10/1/2005
Coupon No.(8)4.13 L.E28/4/2005
Coupon No.(9)5.78 L.E18/9/2005
Coupon No.(10)3.55 L.E18/12/2005
Coupon No.(11)3.1 L.E13/4/2006
Coupon No.(12)5.9 L.E18/9/2006
Coupon No.(13)4.62 L.E25/12/2006
Coupon No.(14)3.45 L.E21/3/2007
Coupon No.(15)6.12 L.E18/9/2007
Coupon No.(16)6.23 L.E2/1/2008
Coupon No.(17)4.34 L.E15/4/2008
Coupon No.(18)6 L.E16/9/2008
Coupon No.(19)3.62 L.E6/1/2009
Coupon No.(20)3.06 L.E14/4/2009
Coupon No.(21)2 L.E18/10/2009
Coupon No.(22)7.5 L.E28/3/2010
Coupon No.(23)9.19 L.E26/1/2011
Coupon No.(24)3.16 L.E5/6/2011