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About Corporate Governance


The Orange Egypt Corporate Governance intends to promote a high performance of governance practices, to attain the highest level of transparency, accountability, and integrity and to consequently ensure that the interests of the Board/management are aligned with those of the company and the shareholders.


  • Promote and strengthen transparency, accuracy and efficiency as the governing control point of Orange Egypt, consistent with the rule of law.
  • Protect and facilitate the exercise of shareholders' rights.
  • Ensure the equitable treatment of all shareholders.
  • Ensure timely and accurate disclosure.
  • Main communication channel between the company and all its stakeholders.
  • Provide cohesive governance policies to maintain best work environment for all stakeholders and to ensure that they are well understood and implemented.
  • Extend its roles to meet with statutory requirements and goes well beyond law, by effecting procedures and systems which are in accordance with governance best practices.

Relation With Major Institutional Shareholders

According to the mandate given by the shareholders and in light of the standard governance practices and procedures, Orange Egypt shall have a frame and methodology through which the BOD will agree on reviewing, approving, or ratifying any Related Parties Transactions where the amount included exceeds EGP 1 million.


In addition to its fiduciary obligation, the BOD is bound by an absolute obligation of confidentiality with respect to the discussions and resolutions of the Board and its Committees. The Chairman shall inform the BOD of the information to be disclosed to the markets as well as the proposed text of statements and releases.