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INJAZ Volunteering Program-Fall'18

Orange Supports & Develop Egyptian Youth through INJAZ Volunteering Program Fall'18

For the fifteenth time, Orange collaborates with INJAZ Egypt in their Volunteering Program-Fall'18. The program goal is to empower public school’s students to enhance their attitude and knowledge. Over 70 employees joined the program to support Egyptian youth especially Preparatory students and give them a chance to learn and develop themselves through different programs.


Draws the attention of participants to the worthiness of successful leadership but also the relevance of the topic to their local and daily contexts. Throughout the program experience, participants construct their own meaning of leadership and get to know about the crucial traits and skills of leaders.


Program discusses the necessity of developing money management skills while pointing to the crucial role of money in our lives. Participants have a brief exposure to the monetarization of the subsistence economy and the responsibility of banks in this emerging type of economy.


Aims to raise the self-awareness of students towards their outstanding potentials. Interactive activities compel students to rethink of their roles in life, what values do they believe in, what goals do they have and how they would like to achieve them.

INJAZ Volunteering Program
INJAZ Volunteering Program