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Not Guilty and achievements year 

About Not Guilty:

Not Guilty for Family Development is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 with a mission to abolish sexual abuse and bullying to children of ages 3-18 through training, education, media and support programs.

Not Guilty was founded by Dr. Laila Risgallah, a pediatrician, passionate about children and their welfare. She has a Master’s degree in Pediatrics, and a PhD in childhood studies. In 2009 she decided to equip herself to abolish sexual abuse in Egypt. She studied the Middle East Sexual Abuse Related Pastoral Counseling Diploma and graduated in 2012. She is an Ashoka Fellow since 2013. She also completed a course on Trauma Therapy in War Kids in 2016.

Not Guilty’s goal is to raise a generation of youth, parents and teachers who hate, refuse and fight bullying and sexual abuse. This is done through raising the awareness of society of the dangers and consequences of sexual abuse and bullying to reach a safe school environment and a community free of harassment and sexual abuse.

Not Guilty also believes in changing behavior through constant repeated messages, hence the anti-bullying, anti-sexual abuse school curriculum and the SKIT anti sexual abuse mobile app.

Not Guilty realizes it is never the victim’s fault, hence the name Not Guilty.

Not Guilty also focuses on building bridges of trust between children and parents to facilitate the reporting process through trainings on effective parenting.



  1. Empowering target groups to recognize and understand bullying and sexual abuse.
  2. Raising the awareness of society of the prevalence of the phenomenon of bullying and sexual abuse and the importance of addressing it.
  3. Educating target groups about the privacy of their bodies, sexual education and gender.
  4. Fun Days for parents and kids: bonding them to facilitate bridges of trust and safety.
  5. Counseling survivors of sexual abuse and their families.

Achievements year to date:

  • Produced and hosted 23 episodes on anti-sexual abuse for parents (available on YouTube).
  • Acted as consultant for communication strategy for 5 Safe Cities project with UN Women.
  • Spoke at Stanford University as part of an Ashoka team in March 2014.
  • Published a book in Arabic (Asrar) and English (The Silver Box).
  • Produced a documentary on Sexual abuse in Factory girls (Masna3 al Nesa2).
  • Compiled an anti-sexual abuse, anti-bullying school curriculum. Got the approval of the Minister of Education.
  • Produced Arabic Feeling cards.
  • Produced awareness cartoons.
  • Produced SKIT: the first ever anti sexual abuse mobile app for kids (to be launched by orange).
  • Trained: 3000 kids ages 3-18; 3452 parents; 2015 teachers and social workers; 34 trainers, 100 Coptic Orthodox priests and 2 bishops.
  • Partnered with CEOS on four trainings.
  • Partnered with Council of Services and Development (CSD) on training of trainers.
  • Partnered with Ashoka on Empathy project parts 1 and 2 reaching 15 government schools in Sahel, Shobra.
  • Counseled 1200 hours of sexual abuse survivors.
  • Partnered with Hope Village: trained 30 social workers and counselors.