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El-Beheira Investors Association 

About El-Beheira Investors Association:

Is a non-governmental organization registered under the Ministry of Social Solidarity No.1311 of 2008 and operated in accordance with Law No. 153 of 1999 as amended by Law No. 84 of 2002 and is a not-for-profit.

Message of Association:

Beheira Investors Association is an association aimed at the good investment climate for investors and business owners to provide through the provision of technical support and the provision of technical workers trained in all areas, according to the actual needs of the labor market. As well as to contribute to the solution of unemployment through training and youth employment problem in different areas of work.


The objectives of Beheira Investors Association:

  1. The integration of the industrial, service and educational entities.
  2. The development of human resources for community members and graduate training technically and administratively, and prepare them for the job market.
  3. Concern for the interests of investors and to overcome all the obstacles for investment and provide all technical consulting them.
  4. Action promotional campaigns, whether inside or outside investors to promote products.
  5. The Assembly and the establishment of the organization of conferences, seminars and training courses necessary in order to effectuate its role in serving the community.
  6. The establishment and management of Assembly service and social projects that will achieve the overall benefit of society.
  7. Care of the interests of investors with local and international organizations and representation locally and internationally.

Activities of Beheira Investors Association:

  • Work training courses in managerial and technical aspects and training courses in the ISO and get quality certificates.
  • Cooperation with Caritas Egypt Association (project run with disabilities) to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities commensurate with disability and their skills.
  • Assembly to oversee the dual education system and its application in schools and factories in the governorate where students gain the experience and skills of operating in line with the labor market requirements.
  • Assembly collaborated with the University of Alexandria (Grants and Innovation Centre) to train and run ( ) and a young girl during the year 2013.
  • Assembly collaborated with the Social Fund for Development and the World Bank to run towards the ( ) and a young girl and a woman supporter of the project through the implementation of youth employment in urban areas during 2014.
  • Cooperation with Orange under the rehabilitation and operation of 100,000 Egyptian Initiative for the implementation of the training project in order to operate.

Projects of Beheira Investors Association:

  • Project youth employment in urban areas in collaboration with the Social Fund for Development and the World Bank.
  • Double-education project.
  • Project training center on the girls sewing business.
  • Training for Employment Project in collaboration with Orange under the rehabilitation and operation of Egyptian initiative.

Training programs offered by Beheira Investors Association:

Beheira Investors Association offers training programs for companies and institutions through two major programs are:

  1. Raise the efficiency of labor to companies and institutions.
  2. Training and operating companies and institutions.

Among the most important areas in which the Assembly to provide training programs in the following areas:

  1. Food Manufacturing.
  2. Preventive maintenance.
  3. Garments.
  4. Computer Science.

It is also Beheira Investors Association through training project for operating in cooperation with Orange under the rehabilitation and operation of 100,000 Egyptian to provide training programs for young girls and women in the fields of handicrafts and small industries, which entitles the trainee to start his own initiative.


For more information:

Telefax: 045-3359106
Address: Beheira - Damanhur - Salam al-Shazly Street - Chadli Tower - next to Barclays Bank - the third round ​​​​