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Train And Employ 100,000 Hands

In line with its role as Egypt’s leading corporate citizen, the Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Orange) has partnered with top Egyptian non-government organizations (NGO’s) in an unprecedented initiative that aims to participate in boosting the country’s economy through creating 100,000 jobs. This is an initiative that Orange will continue to support and grow throughout the coming years in order to provide more and more opportunities for people to develop and earn a decent living.

Participating in the program with Orange are 5 renowned NGO'S, namely Dar el Orman, Ebtessama Foundation, The Association for Women's Total Advancement & Development "AWTAD", Injaz-Egypt, and Development Association for Empowering Special Needs "DAESN".

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) program was announced Wednesday, August 3rd 2011 at a press conference, which was attended by Orange CEO Hassan Kabbani, a number of Orange and NGO’s top management, along with members of the press and media.

While Orange initiated the program with its partners, ​its ongoing role will be to provide funding as well as publicity for the whole initiative in various media in order to maximize exposure and impact of the program. The NGO’s will train the candidates, execute the projects and provide regular project progress reports.

Want to help Egyptians get employed?

Want to be trained and employed?