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Bruno Mettling 

Bruno Mettling

Bruno Mettling the board member of Orange Egypt was appointed in April 2017

Bruno Mettling was born in 1958. After graduating in Political Studies he began his career in the budget department in the Ministry of Finance in France before joining other governments including the Ministry of Employment, Infrastructure and Urban Planning. In 1991, he became Inspector of Finance and joined the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Bruno Mettling was appointed as deputy Chief Financial Officer for La Poste, before joining Caisses d’Epargne in October 1999 where he launched a reform of the Human Resources function. Until 2009, he was CEO at the Banque Populaire Group.

Bruno joined France Telecom Orange in 2010 as deputy CEO, in charge of Group Human Resources. Deputy CEO of Orange Group, he becomes Chairman and CEO of Orange Middle East and Africa since March 1st 2016, which controls Orange affiliates in Africa and the Middle East

Bruno Mettling commands a wide range of skills, spanning from high-level public and private experience in the services sector-Transport, Real Estate and Banking in particular.