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Alioune Ndiaye 

Alioune Ndiaye

Alioune Ndiaye the Chairman of Orange Egypt was appointed in March 2019

After studying finance and management at Télécom Sud Paris and completing his postgraduate degree in telecommunications management from Université Paris Dauphine, he beguns his career in industry at Pechiney. Next, he joined Sonatel, in 1988, to head up the audit and control function, which enabled him to contribute to the company’s privatisation. It was a rich experience which led him fairly naturally to become Chief Financial Officer, a position he holds for 10 years. 2002 is an important step in his career with the purchase of the license in Mali and the creation of the operator Ikatel rebranded Orange Mali in 2016. General Manager during 10 he has the great pride to have made the company, the Orange Group company with the highest profitability. In October 2012, he is back at Sonatel. Since then, he has been Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Sonatel Mobiles, Orange Mali, Orange Bissau, Orange Sierra Leone and the Sonatel Foundation.

Today, the Sonatel Group countries generate EUR 1.6 billion of the total 5 billion across the MEA zone.

Effective 2 May 2018, Alioune takes the role of CEO for Orange Middle East and Africa.