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Audrey Kerjean 

Audrey Kerjean

Audrey Kerjean was appointed as a board member of Orange Egypt in January 2024.

Audrey Kerjean, born in 1977, is head of Financing Plan, rating agencies and Middle Office in the Group Financing Treasury department since end of 2021.

She began her career as a financial auditor in Salustro-Reydel (then KPMG) in Paris. In 2005, she joined Orange as a Group consolidation analyst and became head of Group Consolidation in 2015. She has worked on many M&A operations under US GAAP or IFRS.

She is now mainly in charge of the Group financing plan, the Organic cash flow landing and the analysis and forecast of the Group room for maneuver on Group balance sheet.

Audrey Kerjean is also graduated from Bordeaux Business School (Kedge). She is a French national.