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Best Monthly Bundle

Your Guide To Choosing The Best Monthly Bundle

Monthly bundle that meets your needs, don’t run out in the middle, and at a reasonable price? Let’s discover the answer together.

Subscribing to a monthly mobile package can be a little bit confusing now and then because your goal is always to avoid subscribing to unsuitable packages. In consequence, choosing a fitting monthly bundle will serve your essentials without making a double effort to recharge for the rest of the month.

    Important tips before subscribing to monthly plans/bundles

  • Try to demonstrate your monthly consumption rate in general, is it considered high, medium, or low?
  • Check your consumption of calls, SMS, and megabytes. Is it equal throughout the month, or it’s considered high in a category of them? (meaning that you make more calls than use the Internet? Or send messages and use the Internet more than making calls).
  • Note that it’s recommended to choose the package considering the previous points because there are packages that contain more minutes, fewer megabytes, or vice versa. Also, some packages provide you with a certain number of units, which you can use in any category according to your preference.

3 methods that make you know your detailed consumption:

  1. Monitor your consumption from the My Orange application or through My Account on Orange. eg
  2. Use applications that track call activity, like the Phonalyzer app, to view how many minutes of calls you made from your phone during a specific period.
  3. Your mobile settings display by default the consumed megabytes during a certain period, for iPhone users:
  • Go to Settings, and select Mobile Data.
  • Scroll down, then you’ll find in the same list the data that you used in the current period, which will be from the time you first started using the mobile. You will also find how much roaming data you used while roaming.
  • To monitor your data month by month, you will need to reset the stats at the bottom of the list to reset your data to zero.

    For Android users:

  • Go to Settings, and choose “Network and Internet”
  • Tap Data Usage
  • The amount of data consumed in a specific period will be displayed, and you can set the period you want to display the used internet data through it.

Now, you are relatively aware of your monthly consumption of calls, sms, and internet. Let’s choose your monthly package.

    What are the available monthly bundles to choose from?

    If your monthly consumption is high, especially for mobile internet (more than 2000 minutes, and more than 11 GB of internet), you can subscribe to

  • PREMIER plan will be the perfect choice for you, and the tariffs start from 250 EGP up to 1000 EGP containing a high number of minutes and megabytes. In addition to many other features, and free subscriptions to entertainment applications, like Spotify, TOD, and Amazon Prime.
  • FREEmax plan also offers a suitable package for this pace of consumption, which is the FREEMax 200.

    If your monthly consumption is medium (more than 3000 minutes and SMS, more than 3000 MB internet), you can subscribe to

  • FREEmax plan, FREEmax tariffs 100 and 150.
  • Kart El Kebir plan, the recommended bundle is “50 Card” which is suitable for medium internet consumption.

    If your monthly consumption is low (less than 1650 minutes & SMS, and less than 1650 MB internet), you can subscribe to

  • FREEmax plan, FREEmax tariffs 35, 50, 70
  • Kart El Kebir plan starting from “35, 42, 50” bundles