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iPhone 11 Pro Recharge Offer

iPhone 11 Pro Recharge Offer

Win the new iPhone11 from Orange + up to 30X your recharge value

How to get it?

For subscription, dial #012# for free before or after the recharge or through My Orange application


1 Piaster for every consumed unit after the first 10 times

  • Eligibility
  • Terms and Conditions
  • More Information
  • The offer is available to Alo, El Kart, Fox, Dolphin, El King, Panther & Dragon customers (Personal lines).

    • All customers receive the offer mentioned in these Terms & Conditions without any financial obligation, withdrawals or contests, they are just requested to follow the steps mentioned in these terms and conditions to be eligible for such offer
    • This Offer is organized by “Orange Egypt For Telecommunications”
    • Whereas any Customer can apply to this offer with no age restrictions, Orange considers you by using your mobile phone line and participating in the offer (and you confirm) that you are 18 or older, while If you under the age of 18, your parents have agreed for your participation in the offer and commitment to these terms and conditions
    • The following offers are awarded to each Orange customer who meets the following conditions:
      • Customer who needs to be eligible for winning the IPhone must dial #012# and to choose the 1st option from the options menu
      • Then the Customer must recharge with amount of 10 pounds or more after or just before participating in the offer
      • All Customers who is participating in the offer will get twice the recharged amount, which is up to 30 times the recharge amount, and Orange recharging granted units are valid till the end of the day on which the customer recharged the credit
      • The highest recharged amounts during one week "starting from Sunday to Saturday" will grant its Customer an iPhone
      • iPhone offer is not available for corporate lines, distributors and commercial use
    • All customers meeting the conditions will receive the offer till quantity lasts
    • By your participation in the offer, you agree to these terms and conditions
    • Orange reserves the sole right to verify the validity of customer participation in the offer, while ensuring that all conditions are in place to prove that the customer fulfills all the conditions for obtaining the offer, including, but not limited to: (That the customer had made a correct recharging action, being an active Orange customer, hence Orange has the right to deny\reject any subscription done by customer who did not comply with these terms and conditions, or engaged in any illegal behavior or other inappropriate behavior that threatens the Fair path and proper presentation of such offer
    • Orange shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind, including without limitation any indirect or consequential loss or personal injury which result in the acceptance or use the award, except any warranty that cannot be disclaims in accordance with the applicable law
    • By your participation in the offer, you agree that Orange will use your information in the presentation material for the offer, any media or marketing campaigns for indefinite period of time domestically and worldwide, with no cost whatsoever on Orange for this use
    • Any subscription done by Orange Employee or its relatives is considered as a void subscription, and Orange shall have the right to exclude them from obtaining any of the offers, even if the subscribers have followed all the steps that enable them to obtain the offer subject these terms and conditions
    • The offer shall be valid until its quantities depleted as it is limited by its quantities and priority will be first in first out bases and according to the customers who make the biggest recharging amounts during the mentioned durations above till the offer is terminated by Orange, the Customer will be the sole responsible for receiving such offer from the designated places by Orange, and therefore the customer who is eligible for the offer is the sole responsible for the costs of transportation to receive the offer
    • Orange reserves the right to extend, cancel or modify any or all of the offer items offer to customers in accordance with these terms and conditions, at any point of time, after notifying the competent government authorizes
    • Any matter that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions shall not apply, and shall be deemed void
    • This offer and its terms shall be applied in accordance to Egyptian laws and any disputes related to this offer shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Egyptian courts. And any participation in the offer outside the Egyptian territory is considered illegal and prohibited. therefore, you are responsible for complying with all relevant local laws
    • This competition was notified to the Consumer Protection Agency No. 91 of 2019
  • The X times bonus are units to be used as minutes to Orange & MBs valid till end of day, the first 10X are for free and any other unit will cost 1 piaster/unit.

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