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10 times the cash-in amount

10 times the cash-in amount

10 times your cash-in amount minutes, messages, or megabytes when you cash in through this service. To cash-in or subscribe visit the nearest shop with your national ID in less than 5 minutes. For more info call 626

How to get it?

To cash-in or subscribe visit the nearest Orange shop

  • Eligibility
  • Terms and Conditions
  • More Information
  • All subscribers

  • The customer receives SMS with the prizes to be valid for 10 days once per month.

    Maximum units from the offer; 500 minutes or 500 messages, or 500 Megabytes

    1. The customer makes a deposit in their account for 5 LE or more and then the customer receives a message to select the prize
      (Congratulations you won 10 times the amount of your cash in, choose one of 3 prizes - 1 Orange minutes 2 – Orange SMS- 3 Megabits. send the prize number to 115 for free)
    2. Customer receive confirmation SMS

    This is a service is a service from Orange that will help you send and receive money in no time and from anywhere. You can pay your bills, recharge credit for yourself or others, also you can make donations to 57357 hospital, Food bank or Misr El Kheir

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