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With Orange: enjoy unlimited music

Evolution from Cassette Tapes to Podcasts

Everyone has favorite songs they love to listen to in specific moods. In the morning, Fairoz songs are a mood booster. Heading to the beach? A playlist of Tamer Hosny and Amr Diab songs will give you all-summer vibes. When the crowd feels like dancing, it's time for Shaaby and Mahrganat songs. And if you want to add some drama with sad songs, Tamer Ashour's albums have got your back.

Your Guide to music streaming and podcast apps

Before the emergence of music apps, listening to free music required a lot of effort, as people used to wait for their favorite songs to be broadcasted on the radio or television. Then cassette tapes started and revolutionized the music industry. Because instead of listening to songs at specific times, the audience could purchase tapes for their favorite singers or compile a mix of songs on one tape.

After that, the more the technology improved, the more free music became accessible to everyone. But music streaming apps tailored to all users’ tastes have changed the music production rules and made the audience more open to listening to all genres of music: Arabic, foreign songs, pop, Hiphop, and rap due to their full availability.

The number of available music apps is increasing, including free music apps that offer both free and paid services. For instance: Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Anghami, Anghami Plus, Deezer, and YouTube Music. Music streaming apps have also expanded their services to include new types of audio content such as "Podcasts” The podcast is online audio content that can be hosted by one or more presenters. Sometimes it can involve guest speakers discussing various topics in fields like entrepreneurship, marketing, and science.

Podcast apps like Castbox and Podcasts have started to go viral, and other free music apps such as YouTube Music have Podcats as well. Spotify and Anghami also function as Podcast players in addition to their music library. So you can enjoy both your Spotify and Anghami subscriptions.

Music-related Orange services

Hareef Ghona service: This entertainment service offers a variety of features for music lovers from Orange's customers. It includes weekly singing challenges, trivia, and specialized tips for experts in the music field. Additionally, subscribers can upload their videos while singing or playing instruments and share them to gather votes and compete for the opportunity to appear in upcoming Orange songs. You can subscribe through My Orange application or by dialing the code #900#.

Call Tone service: With this service, you can set your favorite song as the ringtone that callers hear instead of the regular ringing tone. Through the My Orange app, you can easily access the Digital Call Tone service, which shows you the most used call tones by customers and allows you to listen to them before selecting one. It has an extensive library of songs that includes all genres. You will find trendy songs and old classics by legends like Umm Kulthum, Fairouz, and Abdel Halim Hafez, as well as Sha3bi and Mahrganat. If you prefer to have religious audio or prayer, you can also find a section dedicated to religious tones featuring the voices of reciters. If you wish to cancel the Digital Call Tone, you can easily do so through My Orange application or by dialing 9999 and selecting "Cancel Call Tone”

Music is always your background. Find 2 tariffs from Orange that perfectly suit your needs

  • PREMIER tariff: its various packages range from 250 EGP to 1000 EGP and offer a free Spotify Premium subscription. This allows users to listen to free music anytime after getting Spotify Premium for free.
  • FREEmax tariff: its packages start from 35 EGP up to 200 EGP, and also offers a free Spotify Premium subscription for up to 6 months. This allows users to enjoy a huge library of free music on Spotify Premium, including Spotify Podcasts upon subscribing to FREEmax through My Orange application

For internet consumption, Orange offers the best packages to use music apps

  • GO By Hour Video and music: This internet package provides you with continuous internet hours and includes applications and websites such as YouTube, Anghami, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube Music, in addition to other video applications like Amazon Prime and Shahid.
  • GO Super internet packages: starting from 120 packages and higher: They are suitable for music streaming consumption as this tariff is based on Super Mega, which consists of internet units that ensure the highest utilization of the package. The super websites included in the 120 and higher packages are social media, YouTube, music apps, and maps, so if you already have Spotify or Anghami subscriptions, you can use them with this package.