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Women right to sight

In cooperation with Misr El Kheir Foundation, Rotary Club Kasr El- Nile, and Al Nour Hospital; Starting from Asyut Governorate, Orange Egypt Sponsored and supported “Women’s Right to Sight” Medical Convoy in Asyut

  • More than 600 cases were examined and 171 Eye Surgeries were carried out for free
  • Orange’s employees participated and supported in the medical convoy

Orange Egypt, the leading provider of integrated telecommunications services, announced sponsoring “Women's Right to Sight” medical convoy in cooperation with Misr Al-Kheir Foundation, Rotary Club of Kasr El- Nile and Al Nour Hospital. The campaign started from Asyut Governorate and lasted for 3 days providing a range of specialized medical care for upper Egypt women.

Orange Egypt’s contribution in this campaign comes from its keenness to provide good-quality of medical care to women’s health, especially in Upper Egypt, where women are considered one of the main pillars of the family who needs close health attention, and deserve a better life to help them take care of their families, thus enabling them to perform their vital social role efficiently.

Orange’s sponsorship enhances the Country’s efforts to combat blindness which started nationwide by launching “Eniek fi Enina” initiative at the beginning of 2018, sponsored by the Egyptian Cabinet in cooperation with Economic institutions, several companies , and civil society institutions.

The first convoy was launched in Asyut, which is one of the largest Upper Egyptian governorates, in cooperation with Masr El Khier NGO foundation, Al Nour Hospital, and Rotary Club of Kasr El- Nile where more than 600 women were examined and more than 171 Eye surgeries were performed.

The convoy's Ophthalmologists made medical examinations , and surveyed the number of cases affected with temporary blindness, and took necessary procedures in terms of critical cases while dealing with simple cases through providing suitable treatment and Eye glasses for each case.

The convoy also worked on raising the awareness about ways to prevent eye diseases ,and the importance of early examination.

Surgeries focused on treating the causes of temporary blindness like Cataract and Glaucoma (which cause 90% of the infected cases according to global statistics).

Orange was keen to positively and effectively participate in this campaign, as it brought together number of company’ employees who dedicated their time and effort to provide needed support in this concern.

Hala Abdel Wadood, Head of Public Relations & Corporate Responsibility at Orange Egypt, expressed her happiness with the company's sponsorship for this medical convoy that helped a huge number of families reflecting a positive impact on their lives "This is part of our strategy in the field of corporate responsibility, which the company considers as a top priority “Abdel Wadood said.

“Not only does Orange provide the best service to its customers, but also Orange’s activity extends to sharing its responsibility towards the community in which the company operates. This initiative is not the first and will not be the last as we are always keen to be key sponsors of such important community activities”, Abdel Wadood added.

The “Women's Right to Sight” campaign copes with the efforts and strategy of Orange that support Women's Empowerment. The company relies on a group of distinguished women occupying senior management positions in various departments. Moreover, the company had contributed in the sponsorship of several women's initiatives over the past period, and plans to adopt more initiatives in the coming period.

The Medical convoy The Medical convoy The Medical convoy