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Technology Safe Use

There is a time for everything

Parents and children spend several hours a day in front of screens where young people break the records. Activities & sports on the couch do not replace outdoor activities.

Children and teenagers, who spend more than an hour on their smart phones, lose in joy, curiosity and ability to learn which leads them to enter a grey area.

Children who are overexposed to screens are more likely to suffer from delayed language than others. Added to this is the increase in sedentary behaviors, sleep disturbances and interaction with adults around them, whether in the classroom or at home.

To ensure a sustainable digital life, we have listed some tips for everyone:

  • Leading by example and letting go of your laptop at home
  • Stop looking at your phone 60 minutes before going to bed
  • Leave your cell phone in the bag while you eat
  • Differentiate between useful, interesting activities, quality screen time and just wandering on networks
  • Respect recommended screen times according to age

5 tips for teens to avoid pitfalls on social networks:

  • Accept only people you know
  • Disconnect your session after each use
  • Adjust your privacy settings to target the spreading of the information you publish
  • Think carefully before publishing a status, photo or video that could compromise your reputation or that of others, today or in the future
  • Do not publish more personal information than necessary and keep in mind that any publication leaves traces
>Technology Safe Use