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Satr w Ghata Project

Orange Egypt Supports Needy Families in Upper Egypt with Essential Basic Protection

In line with Egypt efforts represented by the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the launch of two major humanitarian campaigns namely "Decent Life" and "Homeless Children" Orange Egypt, the leading provider of integrated telecommunications services cooperated with “Omar Al-Ard” Foundation to improve the economic and social conditions of the most needy families in Upper Egypt aiming to positively affect, change and touch their lives.

Orange contribution comes as part of “Satr & Ghata” project , which aims to protect the most needy families from potential life risks, refurbish their homes and help raise awareness on the growing crisis of unsafe living conditions.

The cooperation entails the installation of insulating roofs in 34 houses in 2 villages in Beni Suef, benefiting 153 members of those families.

The insulation roofs are designed to protect families from cold weather and any other potential -life threatening - conditions, in addition to draining excess rain water and preventing its accumulation on rooftops.

In parallel, Orange Egypt cooperated with “Ommar el Ard” Foundation in another campaign to distribute blankets among the most needy families in upper Egypt villages ensuring their protection against cold weather.

Orange Egypt is always adamant to involve its employees in all community activities through the “Employees Social Responsibility”. Orange believes that the role of individuals is equally important to the role of companies and institutions; that is why the management continuously strive to foster the employees’ spirit of social solidarity and sense for empathy.

TSatr w Ghata Project Satr w Ghata Project Satr w Ghata Project Satr w Ghata Project Satr w Ghata Project