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Orange Egypt has launched two parallel campaigns to renovate and refurbish schools and houses in Upper Egypt and the most needy villages in cooperation with “Misr El Kheir” and “Ommar Al-Ard" foundations.

The campaigns aim to positively affect, change and touch the Egyptians’ lives.

Furnishing and renovating schools in Upper Egypt:

The first campaign focused on the renovation of a number of schools in 6 Egyptian governorates; Aswan, Luxor, Sohag, Assiut, Beni Suef and Minya, in cooperation with Misr El Kheir Foundation.

Orange Egypt handled the renovation and finishing of the internal and external facades of schools and provides the school uniforms to the students in order to help them adapt to the school, without incurring their families any cost.

Furnishing and renovating houses in Upper Egypt:

The campaign came as a part of “Satr & Ghata” project in cooperation with Ommar Al-Ard Foundation, which aims to protect families in the needy villages and keep them warm and safe through the installation of insulation roofs for several houses of various families in Minya and Beni Suef governorates.

The campaign involved a comprehensive renovation of houses in 4 villages in Upper Egypt including ceiling installation, walls painting, flooring and providing all facilities including water, electricity, and sanitation.

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