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Orange Egypt Initiatives in fighting COVID -19

1- Orange collaborates with Ahl Masr to provide medical supplies to the white army

Orange Egypt has collaborated with Ahl Masr in providing medical supplies to the medical teams in Quarantine Hospitals across governorates and free Wi-Fi connectivity for doctors and patients in one of the Quarantine Hospitals.

During this difficult time Orange Egypt supports the government efforts to face COVID-19 through many initiatives to overcome this difficult period. Our latest CSR initiative comes with the support of Orange Foundation; Orange Egypt collaborated with Ahl Masr foundation in supporting Egypt’s medical team by providing medical kits and supplies (gloves, masks, coveralls, isolation gowns, overshoes, overheads, and boot covers) to the Egyptian public hospitals across governorates.

With the support of our great Sales Van teams, we have successfully delivered thousands of medical supplies and kits to several hospitals such as El Suez Hospital, El Demerdash Hospital, El Kasr El Einy Hospital, Menoufia Hospital, Imbaba Hospital and The General Hospital of Helwan.

2- Orange Egypt saves lives with the Egyptian Cure Bank by maintaining & repairing ventilators in the Egyptian Hospitals

With the Support of Orange Foundation, Orange Egypt support to the health sector comes in light of its commitment towards the Egyptian society and the state’s efforts in combating COVID-19 under the slogan "Repairing a ventilator saves lives".

Our Company supports the health sector by providing financial aid to the Egyptian Cure Bank in order to maintain and repair medical ventilators. The Egyptian Cure Bank will play the role of carrying out the necessary maintenance with its specialized partners and work on delivering the ventilators to the Ministry of Health for technical and health checkup before distributing them to the hospitals.

3- Orange Egypt Supports Thousands of Daily Workers Families by providing Food boxes and Sanitizers in Cooperation with Misr El Khier Foundation

Orange contributed to supply thousands of families with disinfectants and sanitizers along with Food boxes to help them take all the needed preventive measures and continue to earn their living. The food distribution process scheduled to cover 17 governorates in Egypt where the first phase included cities of Aswan, Luxor, Halayeb, Qena and Beni Suef.

4- Orange Egypt supports E-learning to community schools in upper Egypt

During the current period, many students could be facing difficulties in learning as they do not have the sufficient tools to study at home. That’s why Orange Egypt felt the responsibility to make students have access to these essential needs and donated nine community schools in Assiut with Huawei tablets to help them study for their new school year that starts next September.

These nine community schools, belonging to Sawiris Foundation, have 286 students who will be enrolled in the second grade next September. All educational content, Arabic, English and Mathematics subjects developed by Bookra Edutainment Company, will be uploaded on the tablets after getting the approval of the Ministry of Education in Egypt.

5- Protective Face Mask to the medical staff

As part of its ongoing efforts to support Egypt’s healthcare system in combating the spread of the “COVID-19” and With the Support of Orange Foundation, Orange Egypt participated in a new initiative, under which 15,000 protective masks will be manufactured and distributed among the medical staff in the governmental hospitals of Egypt in cooperation with the makers community campaign “Breathe Egypt” and Fab Lab Egypt nationwide , as well as Orange Mini Fab Labs that are located in the governorates of Zagazig, Mansoura, Aswan, and Ismailia, And Assiut – to develop and produce these medical masks.

6- Providing hospitals with Rapid Test Kits to diagnose COVID-19 infected cases

Orange Egypt has signed a new cooperation protocol with Misr El Kheir Foundation and “Prime Speed Medical” to provide hospitals with FDA approved rapid tests kits to diagnose COVID-19 infected cases. This initiative aims to combat the COVID-19 and provide the necessary support to quarantine, isolation and fever hospitals, as well as university and charitable hospitals including the National Cancer Institute in Cairo, Tanta University Hospital in Gharbeya, and Al-Rajhi University Hospital in Assiut. Furthermore, Orange Egypt employees participated in this noble cause out of their solidarity and unity with all Egyptians by offering financial contributions to Misr El Kheir Foundation

7- Orange Egypt Cooperates with El Orman Association to Implement Various Initiatives over the Upcoming Period

Orange Egypt implemented three different campaigns in cooperation with Orman Association, to support the community under the current circumstances. These initiatives aim at establishing a new pediatrics department at Shefaa Al-Orman Hospital in Luxor, and providing the Abbassia Fever Hospital with advanced medical equipment. In addition, the initiatives included the distribution of sacrifice meat among thousands of needy families in Egypt's villages.

8- Providing Medical Face Masks to Back Medical Masks Manufacture for Health Care Stuff

In cooperation with Tahya Misr Fund, Orange Egypt provided Face masks to support Egypt’s white army of doctors, nurses, and health care workers, given the heroic roles and sacrifices they make to limit and central the spread of the COVID-19.

9- In cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity,Orange supports families affected by the precautionary measures of the Corona virus

In cooperation with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Orange Egypt contributed with a total sum of EGP 5 million as a financial support to thousands of families whom daily income was severely impacted by the precautionary measures to prevent the spread of Corona virus.

10- Orange Egypt to cooperate with Fawry and Awlad Ragab in providing Thousands of Daily Workers with Ramadan boxes

Orange Egypt has cooperated with Fawry, e-payment Solutions Company and Awlad Ragab to provide thousands of families of daily workers with food boxes in 12 governorates on occasion of Ramadan.

In this initiative, Orange Egypt has sent text messages to thousands of daily workers that includes a special code where daily workers can use as a voucher to redeem from the nearest branch of “Awlad Ragab” stores and get a box containing essential food supplies to cover the holy month of Ramadan. And in order to facilitate the operational aspects of this initiative, Orange and Fawry were keen to use an integrated digital system by activating e-services that work efficiently in the current situation that helps in avoiding the overcrowding and making the process as smooth as possible.

11- Orange Egypt joins Coca Cola “Private Sector Army” initiative in Cooperation with Unilever

Orange Egypt Cooperated with Coca-Cola and Unilever in the initiative to support kiosk owners in cooperation with the private sector army, with the aim of supporting merchants and small and medium-sized companies, believing in the necessity of helping them to continue their business and commercial activities.

Orange Egypt supported the campaign by contracting to supply 5 thousand kiosks and commercial activities with 5 thousand lines nationwide including minutes and megabytes,. In addition Orange has provided Orange Cash wallets to achieve more efficiency and effectiveness, to pay and transfer funds safely and quickly, which has a positive impact on reducing cash transactions and enhancing liquidity.

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