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Orange Internet - Home 4G

The Home 4G Wireless Router:

The Best Internet Solution Without a Landline

Now, you’re home. You have a video call with your family, play a game online with your friends, then attend your online course session on one of the educational platforms for an hour. By the end of the day, you enjoy your new series on a streaming application.

Now, imagine that you use your mobile internet package to do all of that.Beyond doubt that the absence of DSL Internet service at home is a disturbing experience, in case you can't have a phone line because:

  • Your mobile internet package runs out quickly.
  • You need to subscribe to mobile internet packages with large allowances and high costs to renew the package early.
  • You can miss serious online commitments, such as lectures, meetings, and job interviews. In addition to consuming a lot of megabytes in entertainment activities such as content streaming, gaming, and downloading.

No landline. No Problem

Many users face difficulties installing a landline at home to have DSL service over. Sometimes this happens because of the non-availability of landline booking in some districts, so the waiting list becomes very long. Another reason is the fear of being trapped paying multiple landline bills, despite phone lines not being used extensively now compared to mobile phones.

Today, a landline is no longer a must for home Internet service. Therefore, home 4G Internet is the best solution for enjoying home Internet service without a landline or cable, using high 4G Internet speeds technology via wireless routers at reasonable costs.

How does air internet service work without a landline, and what are the types of wireless routers?

The air Internet service operates with a 4G wireless router not connected to a landline or wired connection. This service needs the 4G Orange router powered by a Data SIM Card (an internet sim card only, not the regular sim card mobile) to be used inside the router. Both the wireless router and the Data Sim Card are available by Orange when subscribing to the home 4G wireless packages.

The 4G wireless routers have two types:

  • Home 4G Wireless Router
  • Super High-Speed Router

The main difference between the two types is the maximum speed capacity for each, the first router provides a speed of up to 100 Mbps, and the high- speed is up to 400 Mbps.

Why is the 4G Internet the best choice for you?

  • You don't need a landline or a landline phone
  • Fixed and available at high Internet speeds that make the navigation between the website pages smooth and easy.
  • This service is easy to install with no professional technical skills required, just insert the Data Sim Card in the router and go.
  • The freedom to choose between multiple packages with different quotas and prices to fulfill all needs, the same as DSL service.
  • Ease of mobility, i.e. the ability to operate some types of 4G wireless routers in multiple locations.

The edges and details of Orange's 4G Home Internet

  • The service is activated immediately after the subscription and the wireless router and Data Sim Card purchase.
  • Support up to 64 people to connect to the air internet service, depending on the type of router.
  • The WI-FI coverage is up to 200 meters depending on the type of router.
  • Exclusive discounts on packages when you are a customer of tariffs such as PREMIER
  • The availability for relocation of service upon certain conditions, easily from the My Orange application or through customer service.
  • You can upgrade your air internet service with a specific feature to work in two places with extra charges.
  • Extra quota extensions for early renewal cases.
  • Keeping up with your package consumption is accessible from the My Orange application or the Home 4G Wireless Wi-Fi page.

You can subscribe to one of the 4G Internet wireless packages:

  • Home 4G 40 GB
  • Home 4G 70 GB
  • Home 4G 140 GB
  • Home 4G 240 GB
  • Home 4G 350 GB
  • Home 4G 400 GB