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Packages For Watching Movies & Series

The best internet packages for online streaming

Many opinions consider streaming to be the future of the entertainment industry in the world.

The demands and needs of viewers have been changing over the years, and their desire to become aware of new cultures and ideas from everywhere in the world has contributed to the spread of entertainment content platforms, which gather huge libraries as well as produce exclusive content of their own.

Can be noticed that the popularity of new streaming sites and platforms among a large segment of the audience, is driven by the variety of content types on display, and the non-traditional style of movies and series produced.

Accordingly, the audience started to have new expectations, and behaviors tend to the following preferences:

  • Variety: Online streaming services offer a vast library of movies and TV shows, including the latest releases and popular classics, giving viewers a wide range of options to choose from.
  • Convenience:People want to watch their favorite movies and series anytime and anywhere, without having to worry about schedules or TVprogramming.
  • Flexibility: Viewers can pause, rewind, and fast-forward series and movies while watching on streaming apps, giving them more control over their viewing experience.
  • Ad-free viewing: Many online streaming services offer ad-free viewing, which means viewers can watch uninterrupted. For example, during the Ramadan season, numerous viewers prefer to watch series on streaming apps instead of TV channels to avoid a long time of the aired commercials.
  • Personalization: The used algorithms in streaming platforms recommend content based on viewers' preferences, making it easier for users to discover new content they may enjoy.
  • Offline watching: The option of downloading content from the streaming platforms for offline viewing adds more flexibility to watch at any later date.

Top streaming services by the number of subscribers

Users worldwide watch the content of the streaming platforms on applications with subscriptions. Globally, the most popular streaming platforms are:

Regionally and locally, the following platforms have emerged over the past few years:

  • Shahid
  • WatchIT
  • OSN Streaming
  • TOD
  • Jawwy TV
  • Viu

What are the suitable internet packages for the online watching?

To easily spend a lot of time watching online movies and series, also discover others, Orange internetprovides you with the best offers through current tariffs that include free subscriptions for entertainment applications, such as:

  • FreeMax, all packages include a free Amazon Prime subscription
  • PREMIER tariff, PREMIER 250 bundle includes free Jawwy TV subscription.
  • PREMIER tariff, PREMIER 350 package includes a free Jawwy TV and Amazon Prime subscription.
  • PREMIER tariff, PREMIER package 500, 700,1000 includes a free Jawwy TV, Amazon Prime, and TOD subscription.

If you like to watch the exclusive content of apps such as Netflix and HBO Max, or you prefer to watch movies free on websites, you can subscribe to the best Orange internet packages to help you save more megabytes while watching.

Mobile Internet packages only

  • GO Video Daily, Monthly, Max that offer you Megabytes to be used on YouTube, Shahid, Tiktok, Netflix, beIN Connect, and Orange TV
  • GO By Hour Video & Music that allows you to watch video and music applications and websites: YouTube, TOD, Amazon Prime, Shahid, Netflix, Telegram, Orange TV, Anghami, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube Music.
  • GO By Hour All Apps can be used for all websites and applications, so if you like to watch online series at a particular time throughout the day, or watch movies free on streaming websites, the hourly packages from Orange internet are the perfect option for you to reduce your consumption of the internet because it allows you to consume megabytes during the subscribed hours only.

7 tips to reduce internet consumption while streaming

Online streaming can consume a lot of Internet data on your mobile especially when you watch full movies. Likewise, when you use Orange DSL or home 4Gyou'll need to save your package to avoid it running out before the renewal date.

When you watch online TV series and full movies in high resolution or 4K, you'll certainly try to reduce the consumption of your mobile’s data, the Orange DSL package, or Home 4G while enjoying your time. To do so, try following these steps:

  1. Reduce Video Quality: Most streaming platforms such as Netflix and YouTube allow you to adjust video quality. Reducing video quality to (SD) or 720p can save your Orange DSL package, or mobile internet while you watch and keep megabytes consumed significantly.
  2. Content Downloading: Some streaming services allow users to download their content, so they can view it offline. Doing so saves the consumption of the Internet if you download via Wi-Fi of Orange DSL service and watch later.
  3. Auto-Play Control: Apps automatically play the next episode of the online series, or suggested content in the list when the video ends. Disabling this option will prevent unnecessary consumption of Internet data.
  4. Limiting the number of devices: Watching from multiple devices at the same time results in increased use of Internet data. So decreasing the number of devices can reduce the consumption of mobile data.
  5. Use a data provider extension from the browser: If you watch full movies on the browser, you can use the data-saving browsers extension. It can help reduce the use of data while watching online movies and TV series.
  6. Subscribe to the best streaming internet packages: Identify your frequent consumption, then check out the various available internet bundles to know how many megabytes are in each, and subscribe to what's suitable for you from Orange DSL internet bundles, or mobile packages.
  7. Limit Daily Consumption from Mobile Settings: This step helps you save on your Internet DSL and mobile bundle by setting a limit on your daily consumption, and when you exceed it you can't use the Internet again. So, if you can’t resist the good shows and full movies, this trick will make you stop playing the next episodes for endless hours or jumping from one movie to another. Without this feature, in addition to wasting your time, your use of the internet service will be very high, and you will have to renew the package, whether for Orange DSL package or mobile more than once.