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Sports packages & Services: Get all sports news

The best internet packages and services to stream live sports

Orange has always been well-known for its great interest in sports and sharing the same passion with customers for various sports, especially football, as it is the most popular sport in Egypt. Sports advertising campaigns are constantly launched during sports championships and football events, for example:

  • Providing football match tickets as gifts to users on the My Orange app upon playing the wheel of fortune for crucial games such as the Egyptian League final matches.
  • The latest advertising campaign for the 2022 World Cup, “Maganin Kora".
  • Orange’s collaboration with TOD to provide customers with sports content and free subscriptions for up to 12 months to keep updated with the major sports events such as international football events, the four international tennis championships, and the National Basketball Association competitions.
  • Orange’s official sponsorship of the 2019 African Cup of Nations, along with launching the funny TV ad "E7na Ashab El Botola"
  • The remarkable advertising campaign to support the national team in the 2017 World Cup qualifications, under the slogan يا نتأهل_ يامتلحقوناش .
  • In addition to Orange’s sports initiatives that target employees, such as Orange Business Cup for football, which involved players and personnel from big Egyptian and international companies, partners, and Orange Egypt customers from the corporate sector, which lasted for 16 years in a row.

Do you prefer being at the game or watching on TV?

Orange's continuous activity in Egyptian sports is inspired by Egyptian users' massive interest in sports, especially in football and Egyptian League matches. Moreover, users nowadays can be more exposed to all international and local sports activities thanks to new sports streaming services on the internet.

According to a survey on media usage in the Middle East, sports content was ranked by participants as one of the top three favorite visual content on TV or online, with a percentage of 27%. Noting that 44% of them prefer to watch sports games on TV or online rather than attend them physically. Not to forget several famous Egyptian athletes who their local fans care to watch and support at any championship or sports occasion in which they participate, such as Mohamed Salah News, Mohamed El-Neny, Farida Osman, Big Ramy, Ferial Ashraf, and more.

Watch your favorite team's matches, easier and more affordable with Orange packages.

Your passion for sports is important to us, and your team's victory is the reason for your happiness. Orange's internet packages and services won't let you miss any important game. At work, on transportation, stuck in a commitment, and want to have access to the game on a certain online platform, you can enjoy the match from anywhere on your mobile and watch without interruption through the best Internet packages and plans:

  1. PREMIER plan provides you with a free 3-month subscription to TOD application on 500 packages, 6 months free on 700 packages, and 12 months free on 1000 packages.
  2. GO internet packages are also suitable for fans who want to instantly watch sports events online. GO Extra packages are available with daily, monthly, max, and video packages that offer megabytes for beIN Connect, YouTube, Shahid, TikTok, Netflix, and Orange TV . You can choose from the available packages according to your usage.
  3. GO By Hour Video & Music internet packages also include the TOD application.
  4. GO By Hour All Apps internet package is recommended if you prefer to watch a match or sports event on an online website or application. These packages include all websites and applications.

Keep up on the latest Egyptian and global sports news

Through our various sports services, you’ll be able to capture all exclusive news, and videos and even participate in sports competitions to win tickets and gifts through services including:

  1. TOD subscription from MY Orange application to enjoy the latest football matches for the Champions League, Premier League, and exclusive sports tournaments such as the 2022 World Cup, global tennis tournaments, and the American professional basketball league. TOD provides the feature of screen mirroring, so you can transfer the screen content from your mobile to the TV or the big screen, or download the application on your TV (if compatible).
  2. If you are interested in Egyptian football and league matches, subscribe to the "El Dawry" service, which will fulfill all your needs and keep you updated with all the exclusive news about the Egyptian league. The service is available on the My Orange application and brings users the league's scheduled matches, dates, and team rankings. In addition to articles and news about Egyptian football and the latest videos from sports experts and stars.
  3. For fans of the Premier League and European leagues, the "Ole" service provides all news and details related to European teams.
  4. "Abtal Africa" service provides you with exclusive daily sports messages for African football championships.
  5. "Montakhabna" service includes various sports, not just football. It provides the latest news about the national team for all sports, such as basketball and volleyball. In addition to news about teams at the national level in all sports.
  6. "Stad Orange" service provides details of news related to football, Egyptian league matches, and other sports, with videos and a daily competition.