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About the gaming world

Details every gamer needs to know: For the best gaming experience

Do you know that gaming is one of the most leisurely activities among almost 3 billion people worldwide? The video game industry is currently one of the world's biggest entertainment industries, reaching enormous growth rates of $200 billion for the first time in 2022.

That's why tech giants like Google, Meta (formerly Facebook), and Apple have recently become heavily involved in the gaming industry.

When suddenly the whole world’s ongoing activities stopped, gaming started to significantly spread during the COVID quarantine. Since then, a lot of online and offline games have gone viral. Such as:

  • Pubg
  • Minecraft
  • Brawl Stars
  • Online games from other categories, such as Flash, Subway, Candy Crash, Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures, and make-up games

Gaming consoles vs. mobiles?

The gaming consoles ;PlayStation, Xbox; bring an integrated gaming experience with their advanced technical features. However, gaming on mobile devices draws the largest number of players in the world. Specifically, on smartphones, games are more profitable than on tablets or iPads, then gaming consoles, and in the final order, gaming PCs and laptops.

How can I reduce megabyte consumption while gaming? (Gaming Packages)

Orange has a great concern for online gaming services and provides mobile internet packages for gaming only to help you make the most of every megabyte in your package away from the main package. Especially if your regular consumption is high, you want to avoid doubling your usage and losing megabytes.

1. Subscribe to GO Games daily, weekly, and monthly packages. Also, enjoy downloading games from Gameloft.

2. For DSL service users, you will always need fast internet while playing online games such as Pubg and Minecraft or downloading games to avoid internet problems. Orange provides the fastest Internet in Egypt on the home DSL network and the home 4G network without a landline.

3. Postpaid customers can easily follow up on their consumption from the My Orange application to know the used megabits for games and avoid any rough increases on the invoices.

Play like a PRO!

Most professional gamers commonly agree that a low ping and good Internet connection greatly improve their gaming experience and help them to both enjoy and win.

What is ping, and how can I optimize internet performance?

Ping is the response rate used to measure how long it takes for a device to “go fetch” data and transfer it from another server. So if your ping is high, it leads to more lag and slower response. -Can easily be checked through an internet ping test

For example; you’re playing Pubg and you get attacked by a fireball but there is a delay so that you don’t realize the moment of the attack until seconds later, your device at this moment suffers from a high ping.

Since gaming time is “No Mess Time!” Find the most important tips for a smooth experience.

1- Better use a wired connection than a wireless one. It helps to reduce the ping; however, the router connection can cause some internet problems.

2- Ensure that all running applications are closed in the background to avoid multiple tasks at the same time, which can increase memory consumption.

3- Control updates of the device used while playing. Setting update times helps to avoid any update processes during gaming time, which can affect overall device performance.

4- Restart the router every day before gaming, since keeping it running all the time causes a record to fill with infinite data, which also results in a slower connection and higher ping.

5- While using Home DSL Internet, make sure that you don’t download large files or increase the number of devices connected to the same network. This will affect the speed and performance of the Internet.

6- Get DDoS protection to avoid any DDoS attacks for online gamers.

7- If all of the above points are considered but internet issues still occur while gaming, you can start using programs like Kill Ping, which eliminates the problem of slow connections and ping by up to 60%.

When gaming, good accessories matter

Accessories greatly influence your performance while gaming and make a difference to the overall experience. Keyboards, headsets, microphones, mouse pads, and console cooling fans, are available on the Orange online shop

What are the best gaming accessories you should buy?

  • A powerful mechanical keyboard because its design makes all the parts visibly tangible and makes it more rapidly responsive than the regular keyboard.
  • Mice and a high-quality headset are recommended, as they are important accessories for interacting with various influences in online games such as Pubg and Minecraft.
  • For the mouse, select it precisely because its performance during use depends on multiple factors, such as the DPI (dots per linear inch), the weight, the sensor type, and the cable material.