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Orange 4G

How to benefit from 4G?

Check if your Sim and device are 4G enabled

Enter your phone number

Check the difference between 3G and 4G

Choose the speed test


Know more about 4G

ايه الفرق بين الـ 4G والـ 3G؟

What are the benefits of 4G vs. 3G?

ايه اللي انت محتاجه عشان تستمتع بالـ 4G؟

What do you need to be connected to 4G?

ازاي اظبط جهازي عشان استمتع بالـ 4G؟

How to set up your device to be connected to 4G?


The 4G network is available in many places all over Egypt and We are working hard to make it available in more and more places over time​.​​


Note: If you are buying a new line, it will cost you the line current selling price.

You will see the 4G or LTE icon displayed on your device when you are connected to 4G network services. This will automatically happen when your device and SIM card are 4G enabled while you are in an area covered with 4G network.​

4G will provide you with the best and fastest Internet experience. You will enjoy streaming more videos, downloading, uploading more content, as well as better experience while playing games online. No more buffering, or waiting time.​

The main difference is in the internet speed. You’ll have a much better speed and experience while video streaming, browsing, and downloading...etc.​

You will automatically convert to the best available network whether 2G or 3G.​

You’ll be connected to 4G whenever you are in a location covered with 4G.​

Yes, you can disconnect from 4G by following the steps on your device’s network settings where you can select automatic connection to all types of networks including the 4G or manually choose to be connected specifically to 3G or 2G.

  • Apple iOS:
    • Go to “Settings”
    • Click on “Cellular”
    • Go to “Cellular Data Options”
    • From “Voice & Data”, choose “4G/LTE”
  • Android:
    • Go to “Settings”
    • Choose “Connections”
    • Choose “Mobile Data/Mobile Networks”
    • Change the Network Mode to “4G/LTE”

DSL is a different solution and its technology is totally different from 4G. 4G is a mobile network connectivity and to enjoy 4G on your Orange line, make sure that your device and SIM card are 4G enabled. You can also subscribe to any of the available Internet packages and enjoy 4G connection.


Your USB modems, flybox, MI-fi must be 4G enabled to connect to 4G.​

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